Why Pastels and Pleats are Timeless Spring Staples!

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Pastel pinks  and blue are featuring in many of the top designer collections this Spring. This ties in perfectly with todays super cute outfit from the new Spring 2022 collection currently available at Maison Gassman.

It seems so funny as I’ve adored pastel pink pleated skirts since my 20’s when I bought my first one – pretty much identical to the one I’m wearing today.

A pale blue coat is something I have been eying for many seasons already. Each time telling myself that it probably won’t be such a hot item next Spring so don’t bother. Only this Spring I have decided to go for it.

The realisation that pastel pinks and blue are going to remain timeless Spring staples has finally sunk in!

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Why Pastels and Pleats are Timeless Spring Staples!

So much more to pastels than meets the eye initially and there is a real psychological reason they remain our Spring staples!

Pastels are the best colours to go for when you need to feel better about our lives, more peaceful and tranquil. By the time Winter is nearing an end most of us have  had enough of the cold and are eager to experience some real sunshine and warmth. Pastels make us happy!

I love wearing pastels towards the end of Winter, they remind me that Spring is just around the corner and bring a smile to my face.

Pastel blue coat available online here.

Warning however there are times when you can feel dressed dreadfully wrong wearing pastels in Winter! Speaking from experience during my time working in the Finance industry. I had the most beautiful pastel blue suit. Great for the office on sunny days but believe me if you wear it on a very cold rainy/snowy day you will really stick out like a sore thumb. This might have something to do with the type of fabric too – if you have a woollen pastel blue suit you can probably get away with it regardless of how grey the day may be.

Today however work suits have often been replaced by crisp white shirts worn under pretty but cosy knits – like the one above.

Knit available online here

Tip off the day: Get yourself some statement white shirts – something a little different but with the same effect as your standard white shirt. This one actually goes out at the bottom and would also look great worn over skinny jeans or leggings and boots.

Shirt available online here.

Skirt available online here –  (note there is also a matching shirt to fall in love with)


“Add a little happiness to your wardrobe today!”




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