Why Now is the Time to Cultivate Your Wardrobe!

Some Say…

“People who buy on sale are only on the look out for something cheap and don’t care too much about cultivating a wardrobe.”

But “Some” are not always right – smile!


Coccinelle bags currently on sale in Modissa

You’ve may have read the previous post “Essential Summer Sale Shopping Rules” – todays post is a part 2 “Sale Shopping Guide”, where you learn how to cultivate the most amazing wardrobe during sale season.

Why Now is the Time to Cultivate Your Wardrobe!

  • Key is to sale shop right when the sales start (NOW) and not leave it too long as the real bargains go very fast.
  • Summer is only just starting so you can wear your new items this season – buy today, wear tomorrow.


Designer swimwear currently on sale in Modissa

In an age where Zara, H&M etc. have succeeded in consuming most of our spending – now is the time to step back and make that concentrated effort to add some sustainable designer pieces into your wardrobe – the ones you can wear for many seasons to come and always look good!


Carven Denim Dresses currently on sale in Modissa

This is particularly important for the corporate’s amongst us. At some stage in life – the same holds for men – work wear in particular should consist of richer expensive fabrics and make a statement on their own. We are over 40 and it’s time to show that we have managed to accomplish something in life – the way you dress is your permanent business card. This holds particularly true in the office!

Version 2

Paule Ka Dresses currently on sale at Modissa

How to Cultivate a Sustainable Wardrobe:

  • Go Designer – restrict sale shopping to expensive items you would never buy at full price.
  • Go good quality – choose fabrics carefully – thicker longer lasting, non-crease or  delicate silk fabrics.
  • Go Funky – now’s the time to dare to buy an expensive outrageously coloured item you secretly love but couldn’t justify at regular price.
  • Go for true Love – make sure you are totally in love with the item before you buy it. It should be a case of not caring whether it’s in fashion or not – you love it and it looks fab on you.
  • Have a strategy – a great wardrobe doesn’t happen by chance. Each season I will buy one designer peace as soon as sale’s start. Whilst in the corporate world it would be 2 designer pieces, one for the office and one to wear on dinner dates…you’ll be surprised how “quickly” you have an amazing, affordable designer wardrobe. Once you have enough for work and evenings you can then think of buying a designer item for everyday instead of evening…soon people will be amazed at your wardrobe and think you spend a fortune on it but you will have bought wisely and cultivated your very own sustainable wardrobe!


Wishing you all loads of fun with your sale shopping!


If in Zurich my tip of the day is Modissa – went through the Bahnhofstr store yesterday from top to toe and spotted loads of fab designer pieces…







Looking forward to having you back soon!

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