Why Everyone Should Wear Bright Colours in Winter

Why Everyone Should Wear Bright Colours in Winter

Hi Everyone,

Isn’t it funny how during Winter months we all gravitate towards black. I challenge you now to open your wardrobe and almost guaranteed the one colour that will strike you most is black! We are all guilty of it and yet there is so much to be said to wearing bright colours in Winter! Did you know that the colours we surround ourselves with affect us much more than we think.

Keep reading to find out why everyone should wear bright colours in Winter.

Why Everyone Should be Wearing Bright Colours in Winter

Why Everyone Should Wear Bright Colours in Winter

Yellow for example, is associated with intelligence and inspiration. It is the perfect colour to cheer you up on a bad day or give you that extra bit of zest for a final exam or important business meeting. More to the point, if you wear yellow you will also cheer up those people around you. Which in turn will also have a positive effect on you! Can’t go wrong really!

Why Everyone Should Wear Bright Colours in Winter

Why stick to one colour though. Why not mix two bright colours in one outfit.

Red for example is a great colour for grabbing attention. Perfect for empowering yourself. Be careful not to wear it to an interview though as it may intimidate the person interviewing you. The same goes for bright red lipstick or ties for men!

Red is also associated with romance and passion – perfect colour for a Valentines day date, However funny enough it apparently makes us hungry for junk food – so not a good colour it you’re trying to eat healthier.

Why Everyone Should Wear Bright Colours in Winter

Here i’m wearing a mixture of Sale item (red jacket – Zara) and next seasons Spring collection (dress – Max&Co).

Why Everyone Should Wear Bright Colours in Winter

Why Everyone Should Wear Bright Colours in Winter


Outfit details:

Coat – Heine

Boots – Best Secret

Hat – Big

Dress – Max&Co

Jacket – Zara

Cardigan – L.K.Bennett


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Colour Your Winter!

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  1. Hi Yvonne. You look sunny and stunning in that outfit. Yeah, colours do have quite some hidden meanings, don’t they? The tricky thing is that they do not have the same meaning in all cultures, so you may go right with a certain colour scheme here, radiating the message you had in mind and go wrong in a culture like the Japanese one for example. Apparently yellow is a colour associated with mourning in Japan, so I read in a novel recently. Anyway, back to your colourful outfit. I love what your red cropped jacket does to the dress. It turns it from a very romantic one in a much more powerful one with still that romantic touch. Great combination! Love, Lieske

  2. like your outfit and those colours with those Boots makes those combinations look very nice and elegant

  3. Great idea, wearing bright colors in winter def brightens the mood. Cute yellow coat with the bright red moto jacket.

    ~ xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  4. Yvonne, this is so brilliant in every single way! I love your fabulous coat! Unfortunately I simply cannot wear that much yellow that close to my face without looking like a corpse. But reds I can wear all day long! You have nailed this color combination for an exciting extraordinary winter style!

    Thanks for linking up with me!


  5. Your yellow coat is to die for! I love it combined with the red. I have a yellow coat with raspberry-coloured lining and I’ve been planning to wear it with burgundy, just not exactly sure how. You’ve got me thinking about how I can combine these colours now! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

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