Why Everyone Needs Timeless Pieces in Their Wardrobe

Hi Everyone,

We all know the feeling don’t we –  a wardrobe full of clothing yet nothing to wear. Not an every day scenario (ok my hubby may disagree here – smile), but surely a feeling that pops up every now and again.

For me it’s that sudden feeling that my entire wardrobe has gone out of date overnight. Which of course it hasn’t…

These are moments when it’s best to reach for timeless pieces. These should be good quality pieces which you really love and suit your own personality.

Keep reading to find out more about why everyone needs timeless pieces in their wardrobe and how to make the most use of them.


Why Everyone Needs Timeless Pieces in Their Wardrobe

Worn as a whole outfit

Particularly useful for those “no idea what to wear” days.

Classic navy blue and cream is one of those looks that simply never dates. You will look fab regardless of current high street trends and can walk out of the house in confidence that you have dressed right.

Simple pieces worn with something new

For example this simple cream silk top is such a classic – could also be teamed up with one of this seasons maxi or pleated skirts.

The trousers could be teamed up with a lovely striped off the shoulder top for a bit of fun.

Alternatively add a blazer to the outfit and voila – perfectly dressed for the office!

Timeless with pep

A timeless piece or accessory does not need to be boring. For example this bag – similar in shape to the classic Hermes bag will never date. However the bright colour orange means it instantly lifts any outfit.

See the difference here when wearing this outfit with either the blue classic Louis Vuitton bag in the first photos or here now with bright orange bag.

Points to note:

When buying your timeless pieces focus on buying little but good quality.

Each item should be seen as an investment on it’s own.

Dare to go fo an unusual colour – it may well end up being the one piece you wear the most… this is what happened to a bright yellow coat I once bought, not to mention tis orange bag.

Experiment and wear these items differently as trends change.

Invest in at least one new timeless piece each season.


Outfit Details:

Top, trousers, belt and shoes – paradis des innocents

Blue bag – Louis Vuitton

Orange bag – Save my Bag


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Have fun choosing your timeless pieces!

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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

  1. You have a great eye! Paradis des innocents is brilliant! Thank you for turning me on to this brand. So refreshing, uncontrived, modern, flattering, uplifting & comfortable. I assume the pieces are also durable and washable. I think they would do well to open a store here in Los Angeles, on Abbot Kinney.

  2. Love this whole outfit !!! Bought a pair of pants similar to yours yesterday (had that 70’s vibe) can’t wait to wear them when the temps fall a bit ❤️💙

  3. Hi Yvonne, first, thank you for finding Oh My Heartsie Girl Blog to join us for WW to share your fashion posts! Your outfit is perfect, the purse is such a great addition!!
    Thank you for sharing on #OMHGWW this week! Pinned to share!! 🙂
    Hope you enjoy the weekend! Please stop by next week to!!

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