Why Every Woman Deserves a Red Party Dress

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The title of todays post has the word “deserve” in it on purpose. Taking time today to reflect about fashion and what it really does for us. Dressing well has a much bigger effect on us than many ever consider. You are perceived very differently, treated with more respect and you also feel more confident.

Red in particular has a special meaning to it. It shows you don’t need to hide behind that little black dress. Wearing a red dress you become a woman who dares to show herself. She dares to say “hello” to the world and acknowledges that she is worth taking notice of!

We all deserve to be taken notice of, we all deserve to wear that red dress and be proud. This is exactly why every woman deserves a red party dress. Do yourself a favour this festive season, wear a little red dress and notice for yourself the impact this has on your self esteem.

Keep reading to see more of my favourite red party dress, what to do if standard red doesn’t suit you as well as a few red dresses to buy now.


Why Every Woman Deserves a Red Party Dress

Why Every Woman Deserves a Red Party Dress

For those of you that feel red does not suit them there is a very simple solution. Choose a tone of red that works for you.

Why Every Woman Deserves a Red Party Dress

Wearing a red dress doesn’t mean it has to be bright red. You can also go for a more coral red shade like the dress I am wearing.

Why Every Woman Deserves a Red Party Dress

Team your red dress with neutral tights and  for a more feminine touch

Why Every Woman Deserves a Red Party Dress

I challenge you right now to think of something you do well and be proud of. Remember we are ALL good at something.

Keep that thought and have a fabulous day!

Why Every Woman Deserves a Red Party Dress


Outfit details:

Dress: Elisabetta Franchi

Shoes (gifted years ago): Modissa

Bag (gifted): Ideal of Sweden

Necklace: Bulgari


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Wear your red dress today and show the world who you are!


(photos taken by my dear blogger friend Olga – check out her youtube channel here)

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  1. thank you very much I for myself love red and feel also very nice in a red dress actually for me it is just the colour which I love that is any red and somehow I feel always very happy in those dresses

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