Wearable Tech – Fashion Smarter than You Think!

Just when we’re getting our heads around smart watches and TopShop payment accessories we find out there’s a whole new generation of Wearable Tech about to hit our Wardrobes…where will this end…wouldn’t it be nice if clothes could also wash, iron and put themselves away – smile!

Wearable Tech – Fashion Smarter than You Think:

1) The Butterfly  Dress

Created by Turkish design duo Ezra+Tuba. Hunger Games eat your heart out…imagine scaring unwanted prey away by letting your butterflies loose – it’s all possible!

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2) Google Working together with Levi’s on developing Smart Jeans

Soon we’ll all be tapping our clothing to send a text -wow!

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3) Ralph Lauren‘s athletic shirt containing fibres enabling the capture of biometric information!

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4) Lyle & Scott are already selling a contactless jacket – pay contactless with your jacket!!!




5) Headwear that can read your thoughts!

Created by Lauren Bowker, founder of fashion company The Unseen. The cap changes colour when you think…

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6) The Worlds first ever Camera Jacket already out on sale:

Produced by Ada + Nik


7) Wow the dress that changes shape as you wear it!

The Adrenaline Dress  by Chromat’s Becca McCharen.



…and I’m sure this is just a small insight as to what’s ahead!

If this interests you, you might also think about the IDTechEx Wearable Europe 2016 Conference coming up!


PS: All images taken from the sites I have links to.

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