Vacation Packing Tips – 1 week with only 7 pieces!

Hi Everyone,

With Summer vacation just around the corner it’s the perfect time for another packing tip post. Minimalism packing is one of my favourites – I mostly even travel to Fashion Week with hand luggage only – no one ever believes this (haha). Perhaps it’s due to my dislike of the huge washing process once back home. In any case it certainly take a lot of stress out of holiday packing when you leave it to a minimum.

Before you ask, I have seriously gone on vacation for 7 days  with only 7 packed  items of clothing. Note though, I will do the odd piece of hand washing en-route if necessary  – smile! You can avoid this by simply adding another white and black t-shirt to the packing list.

I’m sure you’re curious by this stage so here you have it…


My 7 pieces are:

Slip dress

Boho dress

White tshirt

White shirt

Black shirt


Orange cardigan


Underwear, swimwear and sports gear are not included in this list.

I limit myself to 2 pairs of shoes – 1 for day and 1 for night.

The outfit worn for travelling to the location is saved as the outfit to come back home in.

All of the items in this post are currently available both online and in store at La Tienda (except for the heels). The photo shooting location is the King Suite at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. More about our stay coming soon.

Keep reading for the full story: “Vacation Packing Tips – 1 week with only 7 pieces!”

I’ve set the post up in such a way to show each day what to wear morning and evening.


Vacation Packing Tips – 1 week with only 7 pieces!

Day 1:

Arrival day so the first thing I feel like doing is jumping into a pair of shorts and simple t-shirt.

At night I know I’m likely to get cold because I just arrived and the Summer heat has not yet warmed the bones – haha!


Day 2:

Today I wear the Boho dress during the day. Dressing it down wit carry all bag and flip-flops. The trick to packing light is to make sure you never wear the exact same thing two days in a row.

Tonight I wear my slip dress again but teamed up with the black shirt worn open like a jacket.



Day 3:

Starting the day in shorts again but this time teamed up with my white shirt.

Tonight I’ll wear my Boho dress with heels and clutch.


Day 4:

Today I’m starting the day with my t-shirt worn under the slip dress.

The flip-flops and carry all bag give the dress a total new look from when it’s worn with heels and clutch.

I wear the dress tonight too but team it up with the white shirt on top and heels of course.


Day 5:

Today I’m wearing the shorts  but this time with black shirt.

Tonight I can’t decide whether to wear the Boho dress again or the black slip dress with black shirt tied in a knot in front.


Day 6:

Today I wear the slip dress with t-shirt over it during the day.

Tonight is our last night – am feeling fabulously warm due to the vacation sun and will wear the slip dress on its own.


Day 7:

Time to go home so I wear the outfit I came in – the official travelling outfit – smile!



Just to recap the different outfits:

On the left we have day wear and on the right night outfits. Each row represents a different day.

Worn like this no one will ever guess you only packed 7 pieces for a whole weeks vacation.

If you are going to a very warm place though it might be a good idea to pack 3 white t-shirts instead of one as I do wear it during the day on 3 different days. You might even like to say have 2 white and one grey or coloured t-shirt to mix things up even more.



Where to buy:

All items currently available both online and in store at La Tienda (international shipping)

Slip dress

Boho dress

White tshirt

White shirt

Black shirt


Orange cardigan


With the exception of:

Sunglasses – from Marcus Marienfeld. Totally made in Switzerland. He will make any bespoke glasses you desire. I love my 100% carbon every day frames.

BraceletsSuenia Zurich

Heels – LK Bennett (similar available here)



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Stay tuned for the next adventure coming soon.


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  1. Hi dear Yvonne love your blog and find your Ideas very practical have to take notice then that makes traveling much easier and you have no troubles with overweigh at the airport thank you

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