Up-cycling from Cement to Fashion Statement!

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Have you ever wished you could follow a dream and do something that makes  a real difference to the world or at least a part of it? I always admire people who manage to do this – each time I read such a story I try to think a little harder about something I could realistically do that would make a difference to peoples lives…

Who would ever have thought of up-cycling old cement bags and converting them into a fashion item? I love this story of how one man turned his dream into a reality…

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Falling in love with Cambodia and it’s people during his travels Zurich based Nicolas Huxley took the plunge  leaving the “safe haven” of consulting this year to follow his idea  of collecting old used cement bags in Cambodia and then converting them into bags that are so nicely made I feel it is fair to call them a real fashion statement.


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Here we have:
  • positive impact on the environment
  • providing paid work to local Cambodians
  • providing training to local Cambodians
  • really cool quality bag collection finished with Italian leather
all in one!

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Click here to view a super cute 2 minute film about the process.

The bags currently come in 4 “Trip Collections”:

The Long Trip:

High Resolution 11My personal favourite which comes in 2 sizes – have decided I really need one to use as a sports bag. Beautifully made inside with a choice of three colours for the lining.

The Business Trip:


High_resolution_laptop_inside_blueA great case especially made for lap tops. Note the attention to detail with each bag having a lining that matches it’s exterior and Italian leather finishing touches.

The Clean Trip:

unspecifiedThe perfect toilet bag for your travels -large enough to hold all you need with the ability to hang on a door or hook.

The Cash Trip:


Wallet1Super handy little purse for foreign currency…might need one for stop overs on the way to NZ – smile!


In a way by writing this article I feel like I am also making a small positive impact to Cambodia but you can too by joining in their cool crowd funding initiative whereby you pay in advance for a bag at a reduced price. There is even the opportunity to design your own product or take part in their “Real Trip” initiative and get the unique experience of visiting Cambodia for a whole week with local travel, meals and accommodation all taken care of. Worldwide shipping available so anyone can take part!

elephboCheck out more by looking at the Elephbo.com.



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