Train or Plane to Paris?

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Are you like me – the minute you know you have to travel you think plane? Paris, especially recently is one place I travel to at least twice a year and so far always by air…but just last weekend I ventured out and took the TGV Lyria… the trip was amazing and I am totally converted!

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Train or Plane to Paris – 10 Reasons to Train:

1. Pack what you want!

I tend to travel hand luggage only – how awesome it was not to have to worry about the amount of liquids I was carrying!

2. Comfort and Style!

The seats and leg space are both super comfy with plenty of leg room and storage space for your luggage.

3. Food!

OK so I was in the 1st premium class and I know in other classes you have to buy your own food but the selection is great. Check out the pictures at bottom of this post for awesome food we were served in 1st premium class!

4. You can work on the train!

Travel can be such a waste of time – especially as a blogger when there are always things to be done online. The trip was awesome with power points at each seat I simply hooked onto the train free wifi and merrily worked on my pc the whole trip.

5. The scenery!

You got it – so beautiful travelling through the French countryside and looking out to the little villages etc as we passed by – certainly beats staring out at an endless array of blue sky and clouds.

6. Experiencing 300 km/hour plus on land!

Awesome. We had a different type of train each way – one the kms were on a display at the front of each carriage and the other we simply used a little app on the phone to see how fast we were (320km is on one of our pictures!).

7. No pre check in time!

How awesome it was simply turning up to the train station and being able to walk straight onto the train!

8. Flex Fare!

Now that’s key for busy people – unlike flying there are several options of flex fare tickets where you can cancel or change your ticket at no extra cost.

9.  Save on Taxi and time to Hotel!

The taxi from CDG airport into town is a minimum Euro 55, whilst Gare de Lyon is right in the middle of town – we got to our super cute hotel, Hotel Balzac  in about 20 mins for Euro 19. Taxi from the airport normally takes around 45 mins – one hour.

10. Price!

If you book ahead of time it is possible to go Zurich – Paris return from as little as Euro 65!




Wishing you all a fab day!

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  1. Sounds like a great choice… that is the great thing about living in Europe – being able to travel via train to other countries – at reasonable cost. Unfortunately living in Canada – travel to Paris is an airplane only option. Travel through Canada via train is wonderful – but often the cost to travel via train in Canada, is as expensive or more than traveling to Europe via plane.

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