Top 10 Shopping Tips in Paris!


Paris is so famous for it’s shopping – here are some tips to make it a special experience for you too!

1) Perfume – We all think of Paris as being the Mother of Fashion but Perfume is really what one should buy in Paris – there are a number of brilliant perfume houses where you will find the most fabulous unique fragrances!

My favourites: 1) Atelier Cologne – rue Saint-Florentin, close to Concorde, 2) Guerlain – Champs-Elysees


2) Tara Jamon – This is where I tend to do my shopping when in Paris, especially as the shop down Champs-Elysees always has items in it you won’t find anywhere else and they have a fab sale on right now 😉

3) Avenue Champs-Elysees – on first view this may seem like not such an interesting place to shop but if you bother to venture into the various arcades dotted along the way you will find quite some surprises!

4) Best shopping with a view – Galeries Lafayette Haussmannn – whether shopping or not an absolute must is the fab roof top views from the top floors – enjoy the view whilst sipping champagne and feel very French 😉 This picture is taken on one of the roof tops – cute idea to have a piano there for anyone to play 😉


5) Best Tourist Gimicks – Like any big city there are loads of tourist shops all around Paris but the absolute best gimmick can be found in the little shops around the Sacre Coeur – here if you look carefully you will find Parisian gimmicks with more of an arty / trendy flair 😉

6) Abercrombie and Fitch – OK I know you can find this in most European cities but the store in Paris at the bottom of the Champs Elysees is worth a look from an architectural point of view – the first time I looked for it I walked past about 3 times as the signs outside are pretty small 😉


7) Best record shop – Exodisc – also by Sacre Coeur, you will find everything from Rolling Stones and Death in Vegas to underground groups.


8) Beautiful recently renovated covered Passage – Le Passage du Havre – with over 40 shops in two floors this passage is a good one stop shop for whatever your heart desires 😉


9) Venture through the streets around the Palais Royal to find a lovely little mix of small designer stores – Stella McCartney, Rick Owens (picture from below) and Pierre Hardy are among those who showcase their collections in this area.

10) Galerie Vivienne – also located near Palais Royal, where you will find the flagship store of Jean Paul Gautier. Picture from Wikipedia

If you are thinking of planning a trip to Paris soon you might like to arrange it for September around the time of the next Paris Fashion Week – I might see you there – smile!


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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

  1. Very interesting read. Will be sure to visit these places next time I’m in Paris.

    Want to ask though, what do you mean by “gimmick”. I know the dictionary definition but i’m not sure what it means in the context of “Parisian gimmicks “

    1. Hi Ikwo, thanks for your comment – funny word “gimmick” I know – apologies – what I meant was little touristy treats such as purses with Paris motives on them etc… you find the same ones everywhere, only near Sacre Coeur there are a couple of shops in which you will find very special a little more trendy ones – smile, hope this helps! xx

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