The Ultimate Guide for Timeless Accessories in Your Home

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The ultimate rule when buying accessories for your home is to consider each piece as an investment. You want your home to look and feel expensive. This can easily be achieved with a few good quality accessories.

Be careful to choose heavier solid pieces when it comes to glass. Stay away from accumulating many small pieces. These literally only accumulate dust, you will tire of them easily and they can make a place seem cluttered if not placed carefully.  If you are a real fan of small pieces you can get around this by placing them all together on say a larger round tray. This way the many small pieces will once again give the appearance of one solid statement in your home.

For fabric accessories it can be a good idea to go for a favourite contemporary designer such as Missoni. These pieces will instantly make your home feel luxurious. My favourite story is of the Missoni bed linen I bought in New Zealand over 30 years ago. It is still the linen we use whenever I go back to visit.

Keep reading for more about “The Ultimate Guide for Timeless Accessories in Your Home”. I have grouped the post into 5 main categories of home accessories. Giving examples of timeless pieces I love.

The pieces in todays post are all from a beautiful interior design store Styled Home Objects. They can also be found on their online shop.


The Ultimate Guide for Timeless Accessories in Your Home

  1. Decor cushions

Having decor cushions in your home is something that will never date. The trick is to choose cushions made out of good quality fabric.

A good rule of thumb is to make sure there is a colour on the cushion that will team up with something else in the room. Alternatively if everything else in your room is neutral you might opt for a pop of colour.

See here for a fabulous selection available online.


2. Plaids or Throws

Always a good idea – make a timeless statement with a Missoni pattern of your favourite colours. If you already have different pattern features around the room however it is best to stick to a monochrome plaid.

A beautiful selection available online here.

Sometimes plaids can have so many different functions – this one is awesome as plaid, as a blanket or can even be twisted round and worn as a scarf…


3. Coffee Table Books

There’s something about a good coffee table book… a true combination of intellect and emotion.  They are quite obviously an accessory that will never date, despite modern technology.

The Ibiza book above will provide any room with a perfect pop of colour. There are quite a few other awesome coffee books to choose from too – even the new Louis Vuitton one.

See here for a beautiful selection available online.


4. The statement vase

Gone are the days of accumulating a ton of simple thin glass vases in your cupboards. Today we realise the economy of investing in beautiful statement pieces that add a stunning flair to any room with or without flowers.

Just see how the hint of orange in the vase above picks up the orange in the plaid next to it… wonderfully timeless but adding a subtle unique flavour to your home.

See a selection of beautiful statement vases available online here.


5. Luxurious bathroom accessories

Remember the bathroom is all I can say. A room we use every day. Imagine how uplifting it is to see beautiful pieces in it each morning/evening as you have your daily bathroom time.

Adding a special touch to the bathroom will make your home seem complete. Loving this glass collection by Decor Walther. Available online in different colours here.



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