The Ultimate GoTo Summer Vacation Packing Guide

Hi Everyone,

This is a special Summer for me. It’s the very first time our daughter is going away for 2 weeks with her boyfriend and his family. It feels totally strange as I am so used to having and always look forward to our family vacations away. 17 years of always going on vacation together and now suddenly this. In any case it was a matter of swallowing hard and realising it was time to start letting go and get the next stage of life into gear.

Motherly duties are however not over. Packing help was on the agenda! That was all the encouragement I needed to draw up a “wonderful” goto summer vacation packing guide. A guide that can be used for all Summer vacations going forward.

The Ultimate GoTo Summer Vacation Packing Guide

1. Pack in Outfits

Many of us pack in tops and bottoms and think we’ll be able to mix and match once away. The reality ends up being a pile of clothes that hardly combine at all. Pack in whole outfits and then during your time away you will most likely be able to mix and match as well to create additional outfits.

Make sure the outfits match the activities you think you’ll be doing.

I like to pack each outfit together in a plastic zip bag – great to pack and unpack faster and it keeps your outfits nicely organised.

Dresses are always a good option as they take up so little space:

Shop now:

2. The 7 Day Rule

No matter how long you are going away for always only pack a max of 7 outfits. If you are going away for a longer period of time you will most likely have the opportunity to wash and some items can be worn twice.

3. Additional Beach Essentials

5 Beach essentials:

  • Hat
  • Swimwear
  • Sunglasses
  • Suncream
  • Beach Bag
  • + depending on where you are staying a beach towel

Shop now:

4. Evenings

As a rule of thumb max evening wear to 3 – 4 outfits.

Some lovely Summer evening items to shop now:

5. Shoes

Most importantly shoes need to be sorted into activity categories. Limit what you take but make sure your shoe selection will not limit you potential activities. A pair of running shoes that can double up as hiking or simply walking around the stores are always good.

See here for more detailed post about vacation shoe packing.

Current hot shoe tips:

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  • Favourite online store for cheap and cheerful trend shoes – ASOS
  • The one pair of fun shoes everyone needs this summer – Superga


Picture taken whilst shopping in Como.

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Wishing you all a fabulous holiday!



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    1. Yes Nancy you are right. My hubby and I will have a Summer break just the 2 of us – this will also be nice, like honeymoon again 😉
      Have a wonderful week.

  1. I agree 7 outfits are enough. Especially when they are chosen to mix and match. Thanks for linking up to Top of the the World Style

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