The Trick to Successful Impulse Buying

The Trick to Successful Impulse Buying

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If you’re anything like me impulse buying is far far away from your natural instincts. We’ve all made shopping mistakes in the past and it’s the memory of these that makes us hesitate that little bit more before purchasing.

However, there are times when you really would miss out on a fabulous opportunity if you didn’t make an impulse purchase – especially if you like to buy whilst travelling and you see something in a store you won’t have a chance to go back to.

This post tells you the funny story of how I bough this outfit and gives you a quick guide outlining the trick to successful impulse buying.


The Trick to Successful Impulse Buying

The Trick to Successful Impulse Buying

Let’s start with the blazer. Despite both cord and double breasted blazers being top on the trend list, I found this blazer on sale in Zurich.

Reduced to about 1/3 of the original price I hummed and ha’d several times before making the purchase. Keeping on asking myself why this super trendy Max Mara blazer would be on sale now?

Needless to say I haven’t looked back and it has been worn a lot since purchasing. Anyone following me on Instagram will have already seen it several times.

Hence, first rule to impulse buying is “follow your instincts”.

The Trick to Successful Impulse Buying

The rest of the outfit was a serious 10 minute impulse purchase.

I was walking to the metro in Milan after having taken street style pictures outside Fendi. It was getting dark and I was with another photographer. We both were eager to get back to our respective homes/ hotel so no real time to shop. However, I passed by this shop window in which the skirt, sweater, bag and chunky necklace were nicely displayed.

My heart instantly melted and started to dance. I had to go in…

The Trick to Successful Impulse Buying

Can we quickly step in I asked my friend – who kindly consented.

Literally 10 minutes later I walked out of the shop having purchased the whole look for EUR 100! This despite bumping into another friend of mine whom I had been to Spain with on a press trip a couple of years earlier…(small world).

The Trick to Successful Impulse Buying

The trick to successful impulse buying is to ensure the following conditions are met first:

1. It makes your heart sing – follow your instinct.

2. You don’t have the opportunity to go back to the store later (simply because if you do then this is often the wisest choice)

3. The price is right

4. You can picture wearing the item with something you already own or it is a complete outfit within itself.

5. You will wear it the next day!

The Trick to Successful Impulse Buying

I deliberately styled this outfit with black leggings instead of tights to show a little flesh between boots and leggings. Making the effect a little less hard against the pretty blue than all black would. This is one of my favourite Spring styling tricks.

The Trick to Successful Impulse Buying


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  1. I love your outfit and think the same then when you see something which gets your eye then you just have to have it especially when it fits and matches with every thing which you maybe already have together

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