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Horizontal stripes is a topic I’ve been meaning to write about some time now.

Every time my husband sees me wearing horizontal strips he can’t help himself, the words splatter out of his mouth … “horizontal stripes make a person look fat”. Lucky for him it makes me laugh every time. Why? It’s simple really – the truth is that worn correctly horizontal stripes will even make you look thinner than vertical stripes. There are of course things to watch out for and a few do’s and don’ts, but the main message of this post is a plea to all of you to keep on wearing or try wearing horizontal stripes!

Keep reading to find out more about the surprising truth about horizontal stripes.


The Surprising Truth About Horizontal Stripes

The Surprising Truth About Horizontal Stripes

The secret in wearing horizontal stripes well depends on the thickness of the stripes and how long the striped item you are wearing is. Worn well horizontal stripes can actually make you look slimmer than vertical stripes.

The Surprising Truth About Horizontal Stripes

A few do’s and don’ts I live by when wearing stripes:


Make sure the stripes are not too thick

Make sure the item you are wearing is long

Keep to narrow cut clothing

Soft fabrics work better


Thick horizontal stripes

Short items with horizontal stripes

Wide or oversized styles with horizontal stripes

Stiff fabrics with horizontal stripes

The Surprising Truth About Horizontal Stripes

The Surprising Truth About Horizontal Stripes

Outfit details:

Dress – Phisique du role, available in a number of stores in Switzerland

BagSarah Haran

SunglassesRejane Rosenberger

Hat – Prada (similar here)


Phisique du role available in the following stores in Switzerland: Aarau ANNEHOUSE.ch, Ascona @yasmineperjennifer, Bern @cph_switzerland, Crans Montana @dedeconceptstore, Nyon @ladressenyonofficiel, Neuchatel @boutiquecollection.ne, Lausanne  @boutiquekenko_hoshi, Uster @boutiquegraceuster, Zug @doemaboutique , Richterswil @casteljac_richterswil , Zurich @rejanerosenbergerdesign, @golden_carrot_shoes_zurich, @sam_by_regenpfeifer


The Surprising Truth About Horizontal Stripes


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  1. You are very right in your advice. And your dress proves it. It is such a lovely summer piece.
    But… for me that bag takes the cake. Oh what a lovely bag. I have been eyeing the site and video of this bag. At the moment I have to be frugal as I am adjusting to less income because of my retirement. (I am not doing very well on this front..) But I would love it in marine. Luckily for me, they do it in a brighter blue and not marine. Pfew.

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