The Summer Evening Essential!

The Summer Evening Essential!

Hi Everyone,

We all know this scenario don’t we:

The day is strikingly warm, perhaps even a little hot, the sun has been out all day. Then it’s time to dress for dinner – we wear a sleeveless summer dress and … suddenly it gets cold. 

It is always so hard to know what to wear over a pretty Summer dress to stay warm. A simple cardigan can make the look dowdy. A blazer might make it look too office like. A jeans jacket too casual, the list goes on.

Recently I picked up this super cute cashmere pashmina from RejaneRosenberger and quite simply haven’t looked back. It means I can start the evenings with my sleeveless Summer dresses, then as the evening moves on simply take out my pashmina and stay cosy warm and elegant all night long. Think my hubby is relieved at this discovery too – means he no longer has to donate his jackets to me at the end of each evening – haha!

Keep scrolling for a few tips about the Summer evening essential!


The Summer Evening Essential!

The Summer Evening Essential!

The most important trip to wearing your pashmina right is not to wear it up close to your neck like I have in the picture above.

This picture only looks fine because of the overall perspective and the fact that I am standing sidewards. The front view made me look as though I was dressed for Winter.

The Summer Evening Essential!

Even wearing a pashmina over one shoulder keeps the lovely Summer evening look.

The Summer Evening Essential!

You’ll be surprised how warm you can feel even with simply draping your pashmina like this around your arms…

The Summer Evening Essential!


Outfit details:

Dress – MaxMara, a few seasons ago but from their standard collection (available here).

Shoes – Old, similar here

Bag – Atelier Avanzar (available here)

Pashmina – RejaneRosenberger (available here)

Sunglasses – RejaneRosenberger (available here)



All photos taken at the Grand Hotel Fasano along Lake Garda. More about our fabulous stay and what else there is to do in the area on soon.

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  1. I love your Pashmina and seeing it is cashmere that makes it even nice and smooth to I surely have to get one myself then they look so nice and stylish

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