The Shocking Truth about Wearing Black!

dolce-gabbana-fall-winter-2015-campaign-5Black and White are both considered easy safe colours. How many of us have white walls at home, a white kitchen and white china…probably a large percentage of you right? Given this I bet you would never dream of having every thing in your home white…after all would that not make you feel far too clinical? Well the same goes for black. Black being a colour that’s pretty hard to escape from especially during winter months and yet the shocking truth about wearing black is that All Black doesn’t really work either (unless you are the national NZ rugby team of course – smile).

5 Simple Tips to Wearing Black Successfully:

1) Accessorise – make sure you have some accessory that is not black – believe it or not this will actually make the black stand out more.

dolce-gabbana-adv-sunglasses-campaign-winter-2015-women-05-thumb Notice that the glasses that really make the outfit complete are in fact brown!

Fun D&G glasses found online:


2) This is the one time you do need to wear Nude Stockings – that alone can be considered adding a touch of colour to your otherwise all black outfit.

KYou’ll notice none of the women here are wearing black stockings…

dolce-and-gabbana-winter-2016-opticals-women-adv-campaign-01in fact Dolce & Gabbana seems to have left this look up to the older woman but really there is no need to make yourself artificially older by wearing black stockings with black!

3) A Touch of Gold – adding gold buttons or embroidary to your outfit will instantly give it a real lift and turn a simple black outfit into one that looks expensive!



4) Red lips – awesome effect when combined with an all black outfit!


Why not try out Rouge Ecstasy by Giorgio Armani:




5) Add White  – a blouse or even just a collar – the touch of white will instantly take the Boring out of Black and give it a nice clean look.


Love this Emilio Pucci White Blouse!




Hoping to have inspired you to try out your black outfits taking into account the simple tips above and wishing you a wonderful day!

PS: Do remember when you buy black or white, they will be a staple for years to come so truly worth investing in.



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