The Secret to the Perfect Mothers Day Gift!

Hi Everyone,

Can’t believe in one week’s time it’s already Mothers Day.

Have you ever considered going back in your memories to think of the favourite times you had with your Mum as you were a child? I think it’s one of the things we possibly do least just before Mothers Day. Yet doing just that is the key to finding out what your Mother would like most for Mothers Day.

For me as a child some of my super special times with my Mum were rainy Sundays when we would stay in our pyjamas all day and go through old photo albums. Perhaps it’s a special memory because it happened so infrequently. But spending silly time like that together remains one of our favourite things.

The Secret to the Perfect Mothers Day Gift!

History seems to be repeating as my favourite weekend thing to do is spend time at home with my daughter. Also in pyjamas. Also most of the day, well at least until mid afternoon when we often go out for a family run – hubby in tow!

Can’t believe I’m actually confessing my love of lounging around all Sunday – smile. Here you see me in a favourite new pair of perfect lounging around pyjamas from Jockey.

These pictures were taken last weekend. Cassia and I mucked around in the the kitchen all day long. Turning left over chocolate cakes into little cake bites. Finishing the afternoon off by a little fun photo shoot.

The Secret to the Perfect Mothers Day Gift!

Best of all is on a lovely sunny day where we hang around in the garden too.

Or on the sofa with a pile of fashion magazines by my side… waiting for someone to make me a cup of tea. Also wearing a set by Jockey here.

So if I have my wish my perfect Mothers Day present for next weekend would be a lovely lounging around home day with my Daughter… possibly including a new set of lounging around home clothing.

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What’s your favourite Mothers Day wish?

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