The Secret to Making Double Denim Boho Work

The Secret to Making Double Denim Boho Work

Hi Everyone,

There’s something about today’s outfit that seriously makes me feel I’ve stepped back in time – into the ’80s…

Only this time it’s the ’80s with a hidden twist. The jackets in this post for example are an expression of impeccable artisan-work from Morocco. Using recycled products and featuring two-toned traditional thread embroidery along all edges. I don’t think anyone thought much about where their clothing was coming from in the ’80s, so it’s nice to see the fashion world slowly evolving over time.

This post however is about telling you the secret to making double denim boho work. Keep reading for more.


The Secret to Making Double Denim Boho Work

The Secret to Making Double Denim Boho Work

The jeans

The first secret is to be sure to wear flared jeans. Make sure the jeans are extra long and wear them with plateau shoes – the perfect way to simulate longer legs.

These jeans are also made in Morocco using recycled products – available online here.

The Secret to Making Double Denim Boho Work

The bracelets

It goes without saying that any true boho outfit needs the appropriate bracelets. The one I’m wearing is called “La Molla Gold”,  composed of 60 top quality stainless steel springs which are gold coated.

Available online here.

A statement pendant necklace

A denim  boho outfit just wouldn’t be the same without a beautiful statement pendant to go along with it.

This one is  24K Gold Plated and made from Poured Glass elements in the shape of a cross. It’s quite perfect for any boho outfit really – even patterned dresses or to simply add a special touch to another plain outfit.

Available online here.

A boho style bag

There’s no point in even trying to make a boho outfit work without a bag that’s inline with the overall look. I love the detail of this one – it reminds me of the blankets we used to crochet as children.

This bag is made by Sophie Digard is a French based knitwear designer. She dyed the fiber in France and send them to Madagascar. The bag is crafted entirely by hand in natural materials after a long process of preparation.

Available in a few colours and designs here.

To recap the denim jackets are slightly stretch and come in 5 different coloured trims – available online here.


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  1. Hi dear Yvonne I love your blog very nice and interesting and I really love those beautiful Denim Jackets they look absolutely beautiful with those trimmings around also the Bag and the jewellery look also very nice thank you again

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