The One Glasses Trend that Dominated Fashion Week

The One Glasses Trend that Dominated Fashion Week

Hi Everyone,

Going through this last Fashion Week’s street style photos was a real eye opener as far as spotting sunglasses trends. Of course as with all fashion trends we are still free to wear whichever eyewear we choose. However the one glasses trend that dominated Fashion Week was the metal frame. Spotted everywhere they are seriously taking over the  sunglasses trend scene.

Keep reading to see the glasses worn during Fashion week in both Milan and Paris.

The One Glasses Trend that Dominated Fashion Week

The One Glasses Trend that Dominated Fashion Week

The One Glasses Trend that Dominated Fashion Week

Note metal frames but more than that, there seems to be a movement towards down sizing. Smaller frames spotted frequently. We are going back to thinking of glasses needing to fit to the actual face wearing it!

Happy to see round still featuring large. It’s the one shape that really does suit so many different faces.

The One Glasses Trend that Dominated Fashion Week

Did you know that round sun glasses were the first shape ever to be featured in Vogue and this was in the 1940’s. 70 plus years later and we are seeing the same looks come through again.

The One Glasses Trend that Dominated Fashion Week

The One Glasses Trend that Dominated Fashion Week

Then there’s the classic Pilot glasses look. As staple in the eyewear scene as black is for apparel.

The One Glasses Trend that Dominated Fashion Week

The One Glasses Trend that Dominated Fashion Week


What’s your favourite shape?

I seem to be wearing my Pilot look a-likes a lot these days.

They come from a recently discovered online glasses company Optically Co.NZ.

I love the fact that they are so light they feel like you aren’t even wearing glasses. My hubby is happy – he says I finally have a pair of sunnies that are the right size for me – HAHA!

Here are a couple of similar frames I also quite liked. Fabulous value –  with every frame you buy they offer free prescription lenses and scratch proof coatings!

Wishing you lots of fun selecting your next sunglasses and remember even in Winter it’s super important to protect your eyes from the Sun.


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Wishing you a super sunny Autumn with fabulous Sunglasses!


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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

  1. Hello Yvonne. OK, I see I have got a challenge here. I am so small that I wear children’s sunnies and that makes it an adventure to find ones I think suit me as a 40+ woman. To stay on top of a trend is an additional challenge. Well, as a teacher I am used to challenges (I actually like them) and I am sure I can find the perfect framed sunglasses too. Thanks for sharing this new trend with us. Love, Lieske

  2. You look fabulous in those glasses and I love that coat !!! Total glam 💕💕💕I wear the same sun glasses everyday , because they are prescription…they are vintage (from the 60’s) and from France (not that I’ve been there haha)

    I read your comment to me on the post…that was so kind , as I think the same we are friends , even though we’ve not met…IG takes “pen pals” to the next level 🙏

    I’m just cancer nurse (also my passion ) but fashion and style is what I love and could talk about that and patient care all day ❤️❤️❤️
    Have a wonderful day in glorious Switzerland , my dear girl Xxx🙏❤️💫💫💫🌹🌹🌟🌟😘😘

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Sue. I know what you mean about prescription glasses – I have two pairs of sunglasses that are prescription and the others are just pretty so I can’t use them for driving or anything.

      Hehe I agree re IG taking “pen pals” to the next level and I am sure if we lived closer we would have met up by now. Maybe one day we will be able to – that would be so nice.

      I bet you are the most lovely Cancer patient nurse out! People often talk about fashion being fickle but I remember once in Auckland with my Mum. We saw a lady who was dressed so nicely – she was very sad because her husband was ill but getting dressed nicely each morning really brought a little happiness into her life. We spoke to her about her husband but later moved on to how lovely she looked in her outfit – leaving her with a lovely smile back on her face.

      Wishing you a fabulous Friday dear!

      1. Oh , thank you , Yvonne you are very kind.

        I think clothes , confidence and sense of well being is very pertinent to the psyche xx

        One day , the shopping gods might bring us together…that would be fabulous !!!

  3. Yvonne, I am loving your pink coat! And the sunnies look great on you. I am still partial to the thicker plastic frames for my face. Although I do love the daintier appeal of the smaller metal frames. They just don’t seem to work as well on me. And a very slight cat eye frame is the best shape for my face. Now if I could find that shape in a metal frame…perhaps it would be magic! Thanks so much for sharing and for linking up with me On the Edge!


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