The Most Powerful Way to Survive Uncertainty

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As the umpteenth round of COVID variants rises to the surface it would seem fair to say the only certainty right now is that the next few months are very uncertain.

However, in reality it is not just now that life is uncertain. Despite the natural human craving for security our lives are always filled with uncertainty. Whether it be because of a global pandemic, the economy, finances, health, and/or relationships.

Some people seem to enjoy taking risks and living unpredictable lives, while others find the randomness of life deeply distressing. But all of us have a limit. On a low day it is  important to realise you are not alone in the way you feel. Even more important is having the ability to help yourself get out of your bad or sad thoughts and into a happier more positive frame of mind.

In this post I share with you my personal strategy for coping with uncertainty and the more difficult days.

Keep reading to find out about “The Most Powerful Way to Survive Uncertainty”


The Most Powerful Way to Survive Uncertainty

The most powerful way to survive uncertainty lies in a simple thing called thankfulness.

A little game I play with myself each morning as I wake up is to think of 3 things I am truly thankful for. Each day the 3 things have to be different from the day before. But after a week I allow myself to go back into repeat mode.

Try it, you’ll be surprised just how much this simple task can lift your spirits and stop you from dwelling on the negative.

Remember to be thankful for the little things. Health, a roof over your head, are major. With this game it is important to let the little things matter because at the end of the day they really do!

Today I’m thankful for:

  1. my daughter coming home for dinner
  2. a successful trip to Geneva
  3. my new earrings from CARAT

I could add many more things to the list but i’ll leave those for the next few days ahead – smile.

Thankfulness/gratitude is also important to practice in the work place. Especially in times like these when many people don’t see their work colleagues as often as they used to.

Evidence shows that gratitude contributes to the kind of workplace where employees really like coming to work and employee wellbeing is high.

Make it a point in your next trip to the office or zoom meeting to express your gratitude to at least one person.

Last but certainly not least remember to show your thankfulness to your loved ones and friends. It is all to easy to forget about showing thankfulness to those around us every day. However they are the most important people in our lives.

If they are happy they will make you feel happy too.

Another interesting article about how giving thanks can actually make you happier here.



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  1. dear Yvonne thank you for your blog yes you are right we have so many things to be thankful for and when you truly think about it than life is not that bad and still liveable

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