The Most Beautiful Ukrainian Jewellery Story

The Most Beautiful Ukrainian Jewellery Story

Hi Everyone,

My first introduction to Natkina was last year when a friend of mine was wearing Natkina jewellery. The pretty colours and delicate styling instantly drew my attention.

It’s not every day that you come across a story quite as inspiring as this one about Natkina . A jewellery brand created by a Ukrainian woman which has blossomed and grown as part of a love story. Not your traditional love story. One more powerful than that. A love between a Mother and her daughter…

More about the story further down but just a quick note to let you know that there is currently a Natkina  pop up store in Jelmoli, Zurich on the ground floor just under the escalator – be sure to check it out!

Also available online with worldwide shipping:

15% of all purchases are given to Help Ukraine Daily.

Keep reading to find out about “The Most Beautiful Ukrainian Jewellery Story”.


The Most Beautiful Ukrainian Jewellery Story

The Most Beautiful Ukrainian Jewellery Story

The story:

Martina is the founder of Natkina but the inspiration came from her mother whose name is Natkina . Natikina a single Mother, bringing up 3 daughters, without a proper start up capital, managed to create the first diamond house in Ukraine. Her biggest mantra was hard work, honesty and believing in success. As a result in just a few years she had a chain of 79 stores throughout Ukraine.

Natkina was always there for her children but also helped the poor and supported church and charities. Most of all she wanted to make her daughters happy and independent.

The business in Ukraine is still active. The jewellery house is named after the youngest sister Zarina.

The Most Beautiful Ukrainian Jewellery Story

At the age of 13 Martina was sent to Switzerland to study in a boarding school. She fell in love with Switzerland and whilst at university created the jewellery brand Natkina. Opening the first 2 boutiques in Montreux.

The company has grown from strength to strength with 25 sales points in different countries throughout the world. Natkina also takes part in Paris Fashion Week and other major jewellery exhibitions.

The Most Beautiful Ukrainian Jewellery Story

Natkina makes luxury jewellery accessible by keeping margins lower than many other brands.


Precious metals:

Either 18k gold (white, yellow, rose, red, pink) or sterling silver


An array of precious and semi precious  stones as well as cultured or framed pearls.


My current favourites:

Earrings – emerald and diamond version available here 

Earrings – zircon available here

Bracelet available here

Necklaceavailable here

Ringsavailable here



Created by the women of Ukraine for the women of the World.

Worldwide shipping and currently 15% of all purchases are given to Help Ukraine Daily.



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  1. Hi dear Yvonne thank you for your blog I love your exquisite looking Jewellery so beautiful and the story which goes with it is really amazing

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