The Most Amazing Foot Care Revolution Out!

Hi Everyone,

Unless you manage to be superbly anal about your feet I think you’ll agree that most of us get to Summer and suddenly think “eek” I need to do something about my feet before stepping into sandals…

I was exactly in this mood – when out of the blue Lovisa from LOVASKIN called me. She told me about this new revolutionary product she and her husband had invented. An instant Foot Peel that guarantees soft, beautiful feet in under 2 minutes.

My thoughts were, it might do this for most feet but not sure about mine as they were really in a bad state at the time.

Within a day I had a LOVASKIN care kit sitting in my letterbox. Excited I instantly tried it out and even my hubby was astounded at the result! Honest I wasn’t going to write anything but this is really so great I need to share it with you!

Keep reading for more about the most amazing foot care revolution out!


The Most Amazing Foot Care Revolution Out!

A simple sweet story:

Lovisa, the founder of LOVASKIN, like so many of us used to love her ‘me time’ soaking in the bath at least once a week. However once becoming a Mum juggling work and family was challenging enough. No time left for hours of pampering in the bath. She realised it was time for some quick fix solutions to her essential self care.

A desire for instant results spurred her to formulate easy to use, fast-acting and highly effective beauty products.

The more she learned, the less comfortable she felt about using conventional products. So  all harsh chemicals are avoided.

LOVASKIN is a family run business combining holistic wellbeing, stemming from Lovisa’s Swedish upbringing, and the performance of science and nature, from her adoptive country, Switzerland.

LOVASKIN products are vegan, free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, dyes and petrolatum.


How to use:

4 simple steps and under 2 minutes per foot:

  1. Spray generously on dry feet on the heel, sides of foot and toes – do one foot at a time.
  2. Leave on for 60 seconds – not more
  3. First massage the dry skin off with your hands then use the rough side of the file to remove excess dead skin. Finish with the fine side of the file.
  4. Rinse feet with water and cream with lotion – say hello to your beautiful new soft and healthy feet.



This is a sponsored post but I can only say I am totally in LOVE with LOVASKIN having tried it out myself.

LOVASKIN Foot Peeling Kits start from CHF 45 for a full set.

Shop here.

Shipping throughout Europe and USA



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Feeling happy now that my feet are done!




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  1. Hi dear Yvonne I love your blog thank you very much mind you I would love to get those foot peeling staff myself so I can find the result myself it sounds very interesting thanks again

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