The Luxury Bag with a Secret!

Hi Everyone,

If you follow me on Instagram you will have been noticing the bag in the picture above and another in gold appearing relatively often. There’s a very good reason for this and it is largely around the wonderful secret this bag has which you would never guess at first glance.

Designed and handmade in the UK, find out the real multifunctional secret to this luxury bag – you’ll become addicted too!


The Luxury Bag with a Secret!

Here you see my lovely two Sarah Haran Dahlia bags. There is a great story behind the bags. Designed by Sarah herself who used to be a high-flying COO of a listed cloud computing company, constantly jet-setting around the globe. Like many of us she owned several designer handbags but never managed to find a beautiful quality bag that would take her from day to evening and also be functional enough for her air travels.

Sheer passion and determination to finding that dream handbag lead her to carry out a mini apprenticeship with a former Creative Director of Mulberry. She then created what is now known as her Dahlia bag – one you too will certainly fall in love with…

Notice the change? Haha that’s right, interchangeable tassels… but that’s not all you can do with these bags…

The front pockets are fully interchangeable – creating many different looks to go with any outfit. This is of course the secret to the bag.

The inside of the bag has a special secret too with it’s lovely bright pink lining. Making it so much easier to find things plus giving the whole bag a little added luxury feel to it.

The bags are all hand made in Manchester, by a family run company which has been making handmade luxury leather goods for over 100 years.

Each bag takes up to 7 hours to make and the finest quality Italian leathers are used from an eco-conscious tannery near Venice. The bags are made to last a lifetime.

My favourite Weekend Away Bag

I love taking one of these bags as my weekend away handbag…

Great for hands free sightseeing or shopping…

or held by the hand…

… and then wonderfully transferred into an evening bag.

Or evening clutch – as the mood dictates.

Or maybe you only feel like walking around with a small bag during the day…


In any case I have totally fallen in love with these bags since discovering them at the beginning of this year.



If you are interested in seeing the full palette of colours and accessories have a look here

Shipping is global and free for UK orders over £200.

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NB: This post has been written in collaboration with Sarah Haran, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. what for an Ideal handbag it looks so nice and beautiful and you can wear it with everything I love that bag.

  2. Hi Yvonne,

    What shade of blue is your dahlia bag please on the SH website? It looks lovely. Thanks for a great article.

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