The Importance of Mind Over Matter

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The concept of mind over matter is so much more important than people ever give it credit. It’s especially important with so many disturbing events in the World leaving many of us feeling so helplessly limited in what we can do. We always have two choices in life. The choice to let ourselves be worried to the extent we see no way forward. Alternatively the choice to take control of our minds, focus on the now and a positive way forward.

Simply put, “mind over matter” is the ability to use our minds to self regulate in the moment when situations or events seem out of our control.

This post is very near to my heart as it is something I have had to teach myself over time. However I am proud to say I learnt. It is something anyone can learn and it will make your life so much better going forward – I promise!

Keep reading for more about the importance of mind over matter including easy tips how to adopt this philosophy.


The Importance of Mind Over Matter

“From determination, to better health, to a more solid state of mind, the key to building mental will lies in slowing down and turning your focus to the now.”

My story…

My personal story goes back to when I was pregnant. I had a few well-meaning friends who perpetually told me about all the things that could go wrong during a pregnancy. They  even highlighted the statistics of birth defects – a number no pregnant woman wants to know – believe me! Initially it caused me sleepless nights and then I decided to take control.  The next time they tried to tell me more stories I simply said I don’t want to know. They insisted I needed to be prepared… My answer was no! I was remaining positive that all will go well and if it doesn’t I will sort matters out then! I was so relieved, felt and slept peacefully again. Am also pleased to say that fortunately everything turned out tip top!

The same attitude has kept me going throughout many different situations since. The trick is to stop yourself thinking about the bad things that might happen. Focus on the now, stay positive and picture a positive future. Concentrate on things you really can have an impact on and not those that are out of your control.

Here is an interesting article about amazing things people have achieved by using their minds wisely.


The how to…
  1. Determination

BRA (BELIEVE RETRIEVE ACHIEVE) – The three words that keep me going every day.

Believe in yourself. Focus on the positive you wish to achieve and then achieve it.

Stick to what you want. If you believe in it strong enough then go for it and don’t let others stop you. Tell yourself you can do it and all will be ok. Be strong enough to eliminate the negative out of your mind.


2. Practise Mindfulness

Mindfulness is particularly key to combatting stress that is caused through worry.

Particularly when your brain is full of all the bad things that are happening in the World around us it is time to remove yourself from what you can not change. Slow down and focus on the present. Stop your mind from wandering to things that may never happen or things you can not change.

3 small steps to begin mindfulness today…

  1. Sit in a quiet spot and focus on nothing other than your breathing.
  2. Once your mind is clear start becoming aware of the sounds and smells around you.
  3. Simply allow the smells and sounds come and go without forming an attachment but think of how they make you feel.

Giving yourself 10 minutes each day to practise these steps will have a much bigger positive impact on your overall wellbeing than you might ever believe.


Research has shown that the brain alone can influence the health of your overall body.

At the end of the day it is the health of our mind that truly is key to the quality of our lives!

The conclusion:

The trick is to stop yourself thinking about the bad things that might happen. Focus on the now, stay positive and picture a positive future. Concentrate on things you really can have an impact on and not those that are out of your control.



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