The Hottest Designer Bags for Fall 2017 and Secret Tips for Buying Right

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This post is inspired by three main factors. First and foremost a note to all – a good designer bag will make any outfit look expensive. Think of it as an investment. Secondly there are no strict rules about what a hot bag should look like – but there are a few key styles out there for 2017/2018. Thirdly it’s true there are actually real tips to buying a designer bag.

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The Hottest Designer Bags for 2017 and Secret Tips for Buying Right

– DIOR –
Picture –

Dior is making a real comeback with their current collection. The bag may remind some of us of the 80’s but it is currently one of the hottest looks out. The one and only reason Dior won’t be seen as much as Gucci is price with the smallest bag starting at CHF 2’900.

Of course you could settle for buying the strap alone (the one in picture above is sold separately and doesn’t come with the bag), for a mere CHF 1’400.


Photo – by at Paris Fashion Week

This bag is here to stay – especially for Winter 2017/2018 emphasis will be on making a contrast colour statement with your bag. Dressed all black with a white bag and your are set for any occasion.

Looking for the newest collection check out their new Marmont animal studded backpack.

The one tip for buying Gucci would be choose your city right. Central Milan hosts several Gucci shops with amazing service whilst in other cities you’ll find yourself in a queue outside.


Picture – Louis Vuitton

Forget the Alma BB, this coming Fall is all about this super cute City Steamer. Coming in a variety of colours and dual colour combinations. The black one is sure to become an icon for a few seasons yet.



The choice is twofold here – totally dependant on your character. Go for either their take on graffiti or opulence.

Picture – Dolce Gabbana

This Welcome bag is a brand new model for the Fall Winter 2017-2018 collection. With such an every day charm to it I can’t wait to see it scattered around this coming fashion week street style.

Picture – Dolce Gabbana

With anything velvet being a must have this coming Fall, the bag shown above fits in perfectly with a wonderful gleam of opulence.

Secret tip – there is one D&G shop in Milan that sells bags which can only be bought in that shop and nowhere else on the globe. A real treat for anyone who likes to be a bit exclusive!


The Hottest Designer Bags for Fall 2017 and Secret Tips for Buying Right
Picture – FunkyForty at Berlin Fashion Week

Throwback from Berlin Fashion Week where asking a top stylist which bag he would buy now and then getting the answer “Loewe”. This little elephant bag is making a surprising impact on the fashion scene. Unlike most designer bags these can be bought online directly from Loewe

Most popular is the rainbow version as pictured here:

Picture – Getty Images


For those of you who prefer something special a personal tip would be to check out the Caroline Dechamby collections.

Something tells me we’ll be seeing a lot of this brand scattered throughout the coming Fashion weeks – at least in Milan and Paris!

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