The Home Office Outfit Every Woman Needs

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Winter and home office – what a combination! Whilst it’s easy to stay in pyjamas all day my quest to you is to make the effort to get dressed. Focus on daily outfits that are both   comfy and look like a put together outfit. Believe me you’ll feel better for it!

Many of us have zoom or other online meetings during the day. It is just as important to be dressed for these as it is to be dressed in the office. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it doesn’t matter. A well dressed employee/boss will always earn more respect from co-workers. Needless to say this is imperative for those facing clients online! Studies have even shown that if you are dressed appropriately you also work more effectively.

Today’s outfit is one I really love. It’s super comfy, warm and transforms to a formal work outfit in seconds.

Keep reading for more about the home office outfit every woman needs…


The Home Office Outfit Every Woman Needs

The Home Office Outfit Every Woman Needs

Both the sweater and pants are Aqvarossa, totally stretch and made from alpaca wool. I like to wear the outfit like this when I don’t have a zoom call.

Then when I have a call I simply swap the sweater for a jacket and look professional in seconds…

I’m particularly fond of this alpaca jacket from Aqvarossa as it’s thin enough to wear inside yet warm enough to also wear outside.

It’s silk lined giving it a super smooth and rich feeling when you wear it.

The Home Office Outfit Every Woman Needs

I’m going to admit I don’t actually work in the kitchen – but I will take zoom calls here. The quiet background works super well for business meetings.

In the flip of a second after the meeting I’m back in my total comfort look…more often than not, cup of tea included.

This blog was written in collaboration with Aqvarossa  – a young Zurich label founded by Christine Losser and her team, (note all opinions are my own).

When asking how the brand came to be my imagination was taken to lands of far away travel. Christine told me how she studied at the University of Geneva and as a part of this she was able to take 6 months out and study in a partnering university in Peru – Universidad del Pacífico.

It was here in Peru that she fell in love with  alpaca wool. Finally having found a way of truly staying warm through cold Winter months in Switzerland.

Having a passion for fashion and already some experience working in the luxury Fashion segment for Hugo Boss, Christine later decided to design her own alpaca wool garments.


Outfit details:




Glasses – Carbon and hand made in Switzerland by Marcus Marienfeld – more here



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