The Easiest Way to Kill Your Zombie Cells Now

The Easiest Way to Kill Your Zombie Cells Now

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a lovely Easter break and are starting the new week feeling super refreshed!

Refreshed enough to start thinking about Zombie cells. Zombie cells (also known as “senescent cells”), are cells which refuse to die on their own and end up damaging nearby cells, turning them into zombies, as well. A little like when you buy a punnet of strawberries with one rotten strawberry in it. This strawberry then makes all the other strawberries around it go rotten too.

Currently there is a lot of research being carried out on developing therapies to kill Zombie cells. The research is all about Senolytic agents. The concept  of “senolytics” isn’t about just slowing down the clock but actually turning it back and rejuvenating people.

Today’s post starts talking about the Worlds first serum designed to clear pro-ageing Zombie cells and finishes with a little bonus of the top 10 foods to stay young.

Keep on reading to find out more about “The Easiest Way to Kill Your Zombie Cells Now”.


The Easiest Way to Kill Your Zombie Cells Now

The Easiest Way to Kill Your Zombie Cells Now

When we are young senescent cells, self destruct. However as we age and are exposed to sources of oxidative stress such as UV rays, the number of Zombie cells gradually increases. The cells can no longer renew themselves and regenerate tissue. They also can not die and so they become what is known as Zombie cells.

It is the Zombie cells which make our skin age faster, gain wrinkles and become less elastic. Nescens have now created and officially launched last week,  the Worlds first serum designed to clear pro-ageing Zombie cells. Turning back the clock so to speak.

This really is the easiest way to kill your Zombie cells now!


The Easiest Way to Kill Your Zombie Cells Now

I have been testing this new Zombie cell clearing serum for 2 weeks so far. Applying it each morning after cleansing my face and can honestly say I have already noticed a different. My skin feels beautifully hydrated without having to apply tons of moisturiser as well.

The serum smells nice but not too strong and is super easily absorbed without making the skin feel sticky at all. I am looking forward to the results after 4 weeks when I am told I will really start to notice even a reduction in lines.


For more information check out the

Nescens website.


I was first introduced to Nescens whilst visiting the Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa last year. There I was given one of the best facial beauty treatments I have ever had.


The Easiest Way to Kill Your Zombie Cells Now

Top 10 foods to stay young

Of course keeping your skin looking younger also starts with what you put inside your body as well as the external treatment you give it.

The good news is that it doesn’t take long after changing your diet to really notice the positive effects of how you feel and a little later look!

So here a quick top 10 list of the best foods that will help you stay young:

  1. Cherries or pure cherry juice
  2. Root ginger
  3. Orange vegetables such as carrots
  4. Nuts
  5. Green vegetables – especially broccoli
  6. Thai, Indian herbs and garlic
  7. Indian food in general
  8. Water
  9. Tea – especially green tea
  10. Flaxseed


This post was sponsored by Nescens but all opinions are my own.



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