The Dress that Tells a Story

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Conscious buying is a topic at the tips of everyone’s tongues. However  NZ designer Andrea Moore takes this one step further by creating fabric prints that really tell a story. Hence this post about the dress that tells a story.

Visiting Andreas studio in Ponsonby, Auckland, I was in awe at the lovely designs created there. Often the designs start basic and then season after season they are added to or slightly modified to continue a story or meaning.

Keep reading to find out the story.

The Dress that Tells a Story

This dress is called the “Roseweb Dress” and belongs to the “Dangerous Garden” print collection.

The snake on the dress was one of the first features of this pattern. Giving it an Asian influence which is then enhanced by giving the dress Kimono sleeves. The pattern also reflects contrast. Andrea  being particularly fascinated in how the meaning and understanding of plants can contrast and change. A simple example being Rhubarb – once considered poisonous it’s now commonly used in baking.

The snake itself has many different meanings. Considered as being evil in the story of Adam and Eve – manipulating Eve to bite into the apple. In contrast the Japanese culture sees the snake as a symbol of rejuvenation and fertility. The Snake is also one of the main characters in the Chinese Horoscope.

Andrea Moore Fashion

The roses on this dress are a reminder of the time Andrea spent in Japan.

Andrea Moore Fashion

Personally I love the fact that this is a dress for all seasons… I love wearing it in Summer but it actually belongs to the NZ Winter collection.

Teamed here with booties and woollen jacket – both also Andrea Moore.

Due to the complexity of the print each one of these dresses ends up being unique in it’s own way. Have a look on the Andrea Moore website and you’ll see what I mean about each dress being different.


Andrea Moore Fashion

Outfit: Andrea Moore – one of my favourite NZ designers.

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  1. That is a pretty dress and the name of it is quite unique! I love how the dresses are different and have an identity of its own.

  2. The dress is so beautiful and versatile too!
    Perfect summer-fied or winter-fied :o)
    And those silver shoes at the top are GORGEOUS!!!
    Fake Fabulous | Style and Fashion, over 40

  3. What an absolutely adorable dress!!! Totally my taste. It looks ever so good on you. Great teaming with those fun shoes.

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