The Danger Around Wearing Pastels in Spring

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Are you like me – one of the first things I do when Spring starts is grab the prettiest pastel coloured pieces I can find in my wardrobe. Inevitably feeling the need to buy a couple  of new pieces. After all every Spring seems to be a pastel compliant Spring…

Wearing pastels is all good and well for those wonderfully sunny Spring days but can also go terribly wrong. I have memories of wearing the most beautiful pale blue suit in Spring into the office whilst working in the corporate world. Despite the suit being lovely, It looked totally out of place. Why? It was because outside it was a dreadful grey rainy day and I was quite simply dressed wrong.

I’m not saying you can’t wear pastels on grey rainy days. However I am saying you need to be careful as it can go wrong. The solution is easy. All you need to do is team your pastels with a darker colour. I have a few more tricks too these days..

Keep reading for more about the danger around wearing pastels in Spring


The Danger Around Wearing Pastels in Spring

Anyone who’s a pastel fan like me really needs a pastel coloured coat in their wardrobe – choose your favourite colour and invest. You won’t regret it and this will be the one piece you haul out of your wardrobe each year as Spring starts to blossom.

Pale blue version of my coat is available online here.

Currently in love with this Balmain coat on sale.

PS: Necklace and earrings available here.


Teaming pastels with black always works in Spring – no matter which colour pastel. I prefer to team it with a patterned black piece to make the contrast less extreme.


Teaming your outfit with a light neutral coloured bag also a good trick for letting that Spring mood get into your outfit.

This bag is from Atelier Avanzar, made by women in Ecuador, with proceeds helping other women in need and sick children in Ecuador.

Special 15% discount code “FUNKYFORTYFRIENDS”


The new pastel addition to my wardrobe this season is this pink cotton knit sweater. Am planning on teaming it with a pink slip dress of mine and white sneakers as well… stay tuned as soon as the weather warms up…

If I had seen this one first I would have possibly bought it instead:


The dress is one my hubby bought me on our Italian Summer vacation last year. I love pre-wearing Summer in Spring – it’s a trick I leant from my daughter when she was 4.

Then I bought her the prettiest pale orange Summer skirt with matching jacket. She wasn’t going to wait for the right season before wearing this. Instead she simply teamed the outfit with thick grey tights, boots and a sweater…style at the age of 4!

On that note I leave you to create your own Spring pastel outfit, remembering to team your pastels with a darker colour to avoid looking wrong as the weather changes.

Save pastel and white for Summer – it also gives you something to look forward to – smile!


Outfit details

Coat – Caroll Paris

Sweater – MaxMara

Glasses – Rejane Rosenberger

Dress – Similar available here

Belt – Valentino

Hat – Similar available here

Boots – Current love here

Earrings and Necklace – SueniaZurich available here



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  1. very nice I love your Blog and your Ideas pastel and darker colours mixed together looks really lovely thank you

  2. You look gorgeous, Yvonne! I love this outfit, and the idea os teaming pastel with dark colours is genius!
    Pink really suits you, by the way!
    Suzy xx

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