The Bosch Tour de Zurich

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What’s the best thing to do when one of your oldest friends finally makes it  all the way to Zurich from NZ? Take an e-bike around the lake of Zurich of course! A mere 68 km of lakeside driving, the perfect introduction to Zurich in Summer!

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The Bosch Tour de Zurich

Thanks to Bosch eBike Systems we were able to test ride 3 different e-bikes around the lake.

We let Greg have the the T-Serie  Flyer e-Bike (Swiss bike manufacturer), which he particularly enjoyed whilst doing a quick stint on turbo power enabling him to reach over 40kmph. – approx CHF 4’600

Being a turquoise fan we let Raewyn have this lovely Juna+ model from Diamant Rad (German bike manufacturer). She loved the big comfy seat and ladylike feeling whilst riding. She did have to get used to the fact the basket in front was attached to the central bike rather than handle bars. – approx CHF 2’900

Leaving me this cute Nevo Model e-bike from Riese & Müller (also a German bike manufacturer). A bike I found extremely easy to ride. It looks a little feminine and at the same time speedy – perfect! – approx CHF 3’500

As we sat together the following morning the following 4 main points really stayed in our memories:

  1. Range – despite driving 68kms each of us had plenty of power left for approximately another 20 – 30 kms each. We did however mostly only use the eco battery level.
  2. Easy Gear Changing – super smooth with a simple twist, unlike that of regular bikes.
  3. Simple Bike Computer – these were super easy to use with lovely large numbers (good for those of us needing reading glasses – smile).
  4. Easy Cruise Speed – even at the end of our trip we were happily cruising along at 26kmph.


Highlights around the Lake of Zurich:

Facing Rapperswil from Zurich we started along the left hand side of the lake. Traditionally called the Gold Coast as it gets the most sun.

Kusnacht was our first little pit stop – check out Romantic Seehotel Sonne which really has something for everyone – a lovely gourmet restaurant or a section in the front where you can have your simple Swiss sausage.

A silly picture taken in Meilen where the car ferry stops to take people across to Horgan. Also available to bikes in case you don’t feel like tackling the whole 68kms.

This side of the lake has many beautiful vineyards – I keep thinking these must be the most expensive vine patches in the whole of Europe.

Being half way the medievel town Rapperswil really is the best place to stop for lunch. Make sure you cycle down to the waterfront for a lovely selection of little restaurants. Time permitting you might like to explore the castle before heading back along the West side of the lake towards Zurich.

Try to ride along the paths closer to the lake on this side – not always easy to find but if you follow the other bikers you’ll get there!

With several cute board walks to cycle over and some lovely cute hidden pebble beaches we regretted not having our bathing suits with us!

Having peddled so hard (smile) we felt thoroughly justified in a little ice cream stop in Wadenswil – especially in Summer you’ll find great ice cream sundae menues in most restaurants.

One of the great things about Zurich is the huge amount of drinkable water fountains. All you need is your own bottle and then you’ll be set for the day with plenty of places to refill.

View of the car ferry from Horgen.

Absolute highlight of the day was our last stop. The Lindt chocolate shop in Kilchberg. There’s quite a steep ride up to the shop but for some reason we all seemed to fly up there. Wonders what the smell of chocolate can do!



A big thank you to PRFact and Bosch for giving us the opportunity to test these bikes. A real day to remember.


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  1. A wonderful day, thanks Yvonne. You forgot to mention the perfect weather. Sunny, but not too hot. …but maybe that just comes with Zurich in the summer.

  2. Sounds like a marvellous way to see the views around the lake…I must keep this in mind if I ever make it to Zurich ! Oh , and the treats looked heavenly ✨💫✨

  3. I absolutely love the blue bike. So retro and such a nice touch of Dutch for me (despite the bike being blue in stead of orange). The tour around the lake is certainly worth doing and a chocolate stop is a must when in Switzerland. I love Lindt chocolate and there is always a good reason to enjoy them. Love, Lieske

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