The Biggest Wardrobe Mistake Most People Make!

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It’s that time of year as the weather really begins to cool that most of us look for something new to wear or to add to our wardrobes. This is NOT the big mistake – smile! In fact one or two new things that can be combined well with existing items can actually have a huge impact on your wardrobe and overall freshness of your look.

However given that most of us have limited wardrobe space, buying new items often means a wardrobe clean out first! This is where the problem lies…

One of the most common rules of thumb when clearing out a wardrobe is that if you haven’t worn it for 2 years running you should get rid of it. This is the WORST reason ever for getting rid of a piece of clothing. It really is the biggest wardrobe mistake most people make!

Keep on reading to find out more about the biggest wardrobe mistake most people make and what to do instead!


The Biggest Wardrobe Mistake Most People Make!

We all know fashion trends come and go.

If you have a beautiful expensive item in your wardrobe that you loved when you bought and it still fits you and is in great condition, then the worst thing you can ever do is throw it out simply because you haven’t worn it for awhile.

You will certainly at some stage regret getting rid of it.


Here are a list of items most of us don’t get rid of in our wardrobes but should:

1. Any item that is no longer perfect.

Be it that it is a little pulled, lost colour, changed shape, tiny stain… it does not matter in what way. A piece of clothing that is not perfect and can not be repaired should be gotten rid of!

2. Wrong size

If an item no longer fits because you have either gained or lost weight then it is also time to get rid of it. Stop kidding yourself that you will get back to a size you once were. This may or may not ever happen. If it does then treating yourself to new clothing makes the incentive even greater.

Items that need replacing more often:

As well as items that need to be gotten rid of, there are those that most of us wait far too long before replacing. These items should be looked at at least twice a year and replaced where necessary:

1. Shoes

– any scuffed or damaged shoes should go, they will ruin your overall look!

2. Sports gear

– it’s especially worth looking up how many km’s a pair of running shoes should do as a max.

3. Underwear

– do it for yourself if no one else. Wearing nice crisp underwear will give you a bigger boost in confidence than you realise. Plus no matter how carefully you wash your underwear it will start looking worse for wear sooner than you realise.

4. Bags

– yes, super important to get rid of scuffed bags. Like shoes these will also ruin your overall look!


Outfit details

Coat – Tara Jarmon, several years old.

Skirt and Tee – souvenir from New York

Sandals – MSGM, from Zalon (gifted a few years ago)

Bag – Zalon (gifted a few years ago)


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