The Biggest Shopping Mistake Women Make!

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Spring decided to come back here today. This combined with the fact it’s Saturday morning just smells of SHOPPING! Before you all hit the shops there’s one important thing I’d like you to think about. Buying double! Yes that’s right the biggest shopping mistake women make is buying double! More about this further in the article as it’s not as clear cut as it seems.

The biggest shopping mistake women make is buying double!

The one exception to this is the Finance or consulting corporate wardrobe. For those of you in the Finance or consulting corporate world it really does make sense to own a collection of suits and white shirts. As boring as this may sound they are the staples that will earn respect in the workplace! My one tip here would be to buy your suits carefully making sure each one has a little edge to it – think this topic deserves a post of it’s own – smile!

Keep reading to find out more about the biggest shopping mistake women make!


The Biggest Shopping Mistake Women Make!

First things first. Don’t blame the sales person but I have noticed, (over many years experienced shopping), that a sales person will nearly always try to first sell you something similar to what you are already wearing.

It’s not their fault. They don’t know you yet need to sell. What easier way to get you to like something than if it’s a style you’re already wearing.

Of course there’s the extreme case. Once I walked into a shop wearing an obviously new red leather jacket. The sales person tried to sell me another red leather jacket. If this happens to you, about turn and leave the shop!

Otherwise simply telling the sales person you are looking for a new Spring/Summer look generally solves the problem.

Identifying what is “double” is sometimes a challenge in itself. Take this maxi skirt for example. Buying another patterned maxi skirt with the colours black white in red in it is buying double! Buying a plain red maxi skirt is also double UNLESS you specifically have a patterned top/jacket you wish to team it up with.

Doubling up on staples is also tricky. Of course you might want 2 grey or white short sleeved t-shirts. However you don’t need 10! Make it a rule that if you buy a new staple once you get home you throw an old one out.

Colours can also be tricky. For example this camel coloured blazer has a grey tone to it. Hence I do have a grey toned camel blazer and a more mustard toned camel blazer in my wardrobe. The 2 go with very different things.

Before you buy what you think is a lovely new Spring look, try in your mind to recreate the same look with items you already own! It might mean combining what you already own in a new way but it will save you from buying double!


In summary:
  1. Tell the person working in the shop that you want a new look (of course only if you are not trying to replace an item).
  2. Different patterns of the same colour is also buying double.
  3. When buying staples make sure to go home and throw the old item out.
  4. Different shades of the same colour are not necessarily buying double.
  5. Before you buy try to recreate a look in your mind with what you already own!


Outfit details:

Today’s entire look (except the bag) is made up of old favourites of mine.

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  1. You are right, very right. I am guilty of buying 3 new yellow sweaters. All different in texture and warmth and shade of yellow. Did I need all three? Nope. But a winter version and a spring version would have made sense. Oops … I “forgot” I have another one from 2 years ago already in my wardrobe. Stupid me. Alas.

    1. If it helps I have a zillion black blazers – the short cheap one, the fitted stretch, the slouchy stretch, the sleek Boss, the John Richmond and last but not least the Ted Baker (couldn’t resist as it is part of a skirt suit and has beautiful lining)… needless to say I have a ban on buying black blazers for some time to come!

      So have fun with your yellow jumpers and try to make the most of them 😉 No more yellow jumpers for awhile though ok 😉

      xxx Yvonne

  2. Thanks, Yvonne. I love your shopping posts….I should book you in for a shopping session when you are in NZ!

  3. Such a great post ! Guilty as charged , as a white shirt /tee shirt fanatic ! Have a great day xxx

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