The Biggest Revolution in Menswear!

Hi Everyone,

Super excited today to be publishing my first ever menswear post! On first glance it may seem like Miami Vice reincarnated but that is not what this post is about!

Menswear, more to the point corporate menswear is finally making the biggest revolution in all time. Whilst Gucci made it fashionable for women to  wear their patterned silk pyjamas in the city, I think we would all think twice about men doing the same.

At the same time fashion designers finally decided it was time to put an end to – or at least improve upon – the standard suit! Yes, of course there is still  an abundance of them out there on the racks. However today it is no longer necessary to done one of those traditional stiff fabric suits of armour in order to look the part! Today, even in menswear you will find more and more stretch fabrics coming to the party…


The Biggest Revolution in Menswear!

Worn here as a casual suit without belt and white tee… the ties can be tucked outside and trousers belted. Add a white shirt and traditional leather shoes and you’re seriously fit for the office!

This is the one suit you can also seriously dress down. You may laugh but my hubby officially bought this one as his “date night” outfit 😉

Note the chucks… you may laugh but he only just bought a pair last summer under family peer pressure. It’s our “thing” to dress up wonderfully and then team our outfits with matching chucks…

From the back you’d never guess this suit actually feels like wearing a pyjama!

Outfit details:

Suit –  Hugo Boss (available here)


On that note I wish you all a fabulous day!

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Time for men to get into the stretch fabric groove!


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  1. I like seeing guys in suit! They look so dapper and fancy. I wouldn’t say this is the biggest revolution in menswear since they’ve been wearing suits way back.

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