The Biggest Mistake You can make with a Lovely Floral Dress!

Hi Everyone,

Floral dresses are here to stay and pretty much a staple necessity for every wardrobe this Spring. Cutting right down to the chase, the biggest mistake you can make with a lovely floral dress is to only style it one way.

The days when expensive dresses are saved for good and vice versa are over. How will you ever get your money’s worth out of your dress this way? Believe me you get a luxurious inner feeling when wearing an expensive dress for fun as well as formal occasions. OK I am not saying wear it to a mud fight – smile!

This post outlines 4 different ways of styling the same pretty floral dress. The dress itself comes from – check out their online store and get 10% with discount code “FUNKYFORTY” , global shipping. They have a great selection for every budget.


The Biggest Mistake You can make with a Lovely Floral Dress!

The biggest mistake you can make with a lovely floral dress is to only style it one way. See 4 different ways of styling one dress:

  1. Dressed up

    As this dress has pretty black detail I picked up on this and teamed the dress with trendy heeled sock boots and a blazer.

This look was photographed by my dear friend Beatrix from Believe me we were not quiet, and yet still managed to get locked in. The owners of the restaurant we were taking pictures in simply left and locked us in… This coupled with Beatrix’s fabulous Italian parking made me laugh so much I nearly fell over!

Unfortunately we were too worried about how to escape to benefit from the fact we were surrounded by delicious food and drink – haha!


2. Worn with biker boots for a bit of fun

Breaking up styles and adding casual to dressy is currently huge en vogue. You also see this mix in styles often appear on the catwalk.

The bag is from Stela of AvecNono who shares her store in Zurich with Anna Louise from Rumour. I have a special soft spot for these bags as they are designed in Switzerland and made with leather from New Zealand – my 2 favourite countries in one!

Wearing these boots made me feel like a kid again and I very nearly simply jumped into the nearest fountain! Stopped short by hubby photographer of course.

Secret tip for wearing dresses like this already now without needing a jacket is to wear a cotton tee underneath!


3. Lilac and pale blue

Lilac and pale blue are currently one of my favourite colour combinations – I simply can’t get enough and am kicking self that I didn’t have my pale blue pumps from G31 (photo of me wearing with another outfit here) with me whilst taking these pictures.

Sarah Haran Bags

My daughter called in the middle of the photo shoot…

I fell in love with this Sarah Haran bag – designed by Sarah from London. These bags have a secret to them in that you can take off the outer pouch. Either wear that as a separate bag or add different pouches to the bigger bag to create new looks. I will write more about these in a separate post!

Sarah Haran Bags

The Biggest Mistake You can make with a Lovely Floral Dress!


4. Many mis-matches for the perfect look

Better said there is no such thing as mismatching. Many unmatched items jumbled together will give you the perfect Spring 2018 look!

The Biggest Mistake You can make with a Lovely Floral Dress!

The denim jacket adding a new touch. The Gucci bag and converse don’t match at all but perfect when worn with pride and on purpose. I will have to admit that this styling is 100% me!

The Biggest Mistake You can make with a Lovely Floral Dress!

The Biggest Mistake You can make with a Lovely Floral Dress!


Which is your favourite styling?

The beautiful dress (available here)  is c/o – check out online and use FUNKYFORTY for a 10% discount, or drop by the store in Zurich. Meet Anna Luisa (Rumour) and Stela (AvecNono) in person for the best ever styling tips and get 10% by mentioning FunkyForty.

avecNono STORE
Europallee 33
8004 – Zürich


Monday – Friday: 10.00 – 19.00

Saturday: 10.00 – 18.00

+41 (0) 44 291 92 02

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Have fun styling your floral dresses!


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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

  1. I agree , Yvonne the floral dress is very very versitle to style and I love your styling 💜💙🌸🌺🌼😘

  2. Hey Yvonne. I love both combinations with the jackets. I love how jeans jackets make a classy look more casual and how a black jacket often does the reverse, as you show here too. The T-shirt trick is one I use a lot, so I can wear floral dresses early in spring and far into autumn as well. Love, Lieske

    1. Thanks Lieske – yes silly enough the t-shirt trick is totally new to me as well but it really makes such a difference!
      Have a wonderful week dear. xxx

  3. Dear Yvonne, many thanks for this inspiring article and 4 looks. I’m absolutely with you.. as for me to style floral dres on romantic way is borring, it needs some match in opposite style. You did it perfect. Greets Martina

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