The Biggest Fashion Trend for Spring 2020

The Biggest Fashion Trend for Spring 2020

Hi Everyone,

The biggest trend of a particular season is a question I often get asked. Usually it leaves me stumped as there are so many trends to be seen each season. To simply pick one is next to impossible.

However Spring 2020 is a little different. It has made people think and there is one big fashion trend looming in the air. Not – believe it or not – home wear!

As home lockdowns began most of us were paralysed into a stop when it came to buying clothing. Now we can see hope and a move towards fashion purchases once again. Yet there is a big movement which is dominating the biggest Spring 2020 fashion trend.

Remember those days when the biggest question we asked ourselves before we bought anything was “how many seasons will this still be fashionable?”. Well those days are back. Given the varied aspect of fashion trends it no longer means one thing should be bought over another. It does however mean that purchases should be made carefully. Stick mostly to solid colour. Have a couple of floral or patterned pieces in your wardrobe but make sure most of it is made up of simple colour block pieces. When you open your wardrobe it should be so pleasing to your eye that you would want to wear every piece year after year.

Just to recap:

The biggest fashion trend for Spring 2020 is to concentrate on items that will still be fashionable for a few seasons to come. 

Keep reading for a few items that are sure to be sustainable fashion trends for a few years and thus make up the biggest fashion trend for Spring 2020…


The Biggest Fashion Trend for Spring 2020

The Biggest Fashion Trend for Spring 2020

The shiny pleated skirt. For some reason pleated skirts seem to be as staple in a wardrobe as the little black dress. If you like shiny fabrics – now is the time to invest.

The Biggest Fashion Trend for Spring 2020

The small colourful bag. Choose one of your favourite colours and you will never regret it. Be daring with your choice in colour and then wear it with a number of different coloured outfits.

This pink bag for example also looks great teamed up with yellow, especially if you have matching nails, shoes or even a headband.

The Biggest Fashion Trend for Spring 2020

The super bright top. I have a number of these in yellow, pink and purple. They are always so handy to have in your wardrobe as can make the dullest of outfits suddenly pop up and become pretty.

The Biggest Fashion Trend for Spring 2020

Pointed shoes are simply a classic – realistically they never date. If you like wearing points they are always worth investing in. This season go for slingback or mule points with kitten heels.


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Wishing you a fashionable Spring 2020!


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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

  1. I love this outfit. The green (however difficult it is to see it is green haha) and pink together is one of my favourite combinations as well. Especially in flowers. In outfits I have to be careful the pink isn’t pastel.
    Love that pretty little bag.

    1. Oh me too – too pale pink on the face is not good… but some pastel pinks still work – especially once I have a tan…the same might be for you.

      Have a fabulous day!

  2. darling! love pleated skirts! fun to see a silver one for the Spring!
    i just made myself my own Puffy Sleeved blouse! I’d be honored for you to let me know your opinion!
    can i email you the link? or leave it here?
    i’d love to wear it somewhere else besides my driveway at home ; )
    xo eva

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