The 3 New Rules for Dressing for Success

The 3 New Rules for Dressing for Success

Hi Everyone,

Everyone knows there is such a thing as dressing for success but are you up to date with todays secret to dressing for success?

The old rule of turning up to an interview well suited with polished shoes and stiff white shirt may well be the one thing that stops you from getting your dream job today. Hard to imagine isn’t it.

One thing that hasn’t changed however is that how you dress will still have an impact on your career – like it or not. Of course not everything depends on how you dress. Even employees who crack the dress code perfectly still need the skills to back up their career ambitions.

Above all remember to dress in the way you wish to be perceived.

This post outlines the 3 new rules for dressing for success.


The 3 New Rules for Dressing for Success

The 3 New Rules for Dressing for Success

  1. Watch Others / Know Your Culture

The important factor today is to look like you belong to the environment you are working in. Before going to an interview do research to see what the work space looks like. What are the people that currently work there wearing? Particularly those in positions that you aspire towards.

Once informed you can put together and outfit that is in line with the current corporate culture. Not too dressed up or down. Showing you understand the unspoken rules of dress code could give you an edge.

The 3 New Rules for Dressing for Success

2. Keeping it simple with quality

Keep your interview or important meeting outfit as simple as possible so that our outfit will not distract from the more important issues at hand.

Wearing good quality outfits is the most important factor ever. Whether it is a semi casual environment or very formal the quality of your clothes will always earn additional respect from others.

Stick to fabrics that don’t crease and for first meetings stick to neutral or dark tones. Save the bright reds, pinks and other funky colours for when you are well settled into your position. Then they can become a fun talking piece.

The 3 New Rules for Dressing for Success

3. Embrace your femininity

In todays world where diversity matters it also matters to remain the women we are. There is no longer the need to dress in a pants suit in order to be taken seriously by men. In fact as we enjoy seeing a man in a beautiful suit, they too enjoy seeing us in a well tailored dress or skirt.

Don’t get me wrong here – this does not mean we are going back to the days where women were not allowed to wear trousers. If you do go for trousers though stick to cuts with a more feminine touch to them – high waisted, wide legged always adds a very sophisticated touch. Of course first check that sophistication is the look you are trying to achieve – depending on the overall corporate culture.

Be careful with skirt and dress lengths particularly if you spend most of your day at work sitting down. Wearing skirts and dresses that overly ride up when sitting are not going to do you any favour.

Today I am wearing a dress from a relatively new, online based fashion label Manyara.

The perfect place for a number of pretty timeless corporate staples. It is certainly worth checking out their online store here.

Other pieces of mine from Manyara:


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