The 250 Million Year Old Secret Behind Kneipp Bath Salts

The 250 Million Year Old Secret Behind Kneipp Bath Salts

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Time to confess and tell you that from the bottom of my heart the beginning of the year is always a tough one for me. Not enough sun, cold and it’s easy to not be in the best of spirits. This year, I have been treating myself to having a different Kneipp bath each day and giving myself 15 minutes of pure detox in the bath tub. The results have been amazing – at the end I feel like I have had a mini tropical break. My energy and mood bounce back and the fact that it’s cold outside no longer bothers me.

It’s not always that easy, I tend to go from thinking “why didn’t I take my phone with me”, to coming up with new ideas, then dozing and finally suddenly waking up to my alarm. All that within a space of 15 minutes. However each time I feel fabulously better within myself.

Recently I learnt there’s a lot more behind selecting the right bath crystals than one might know about.  Today, as with most things bath salts tend to be produced in an industrial manor in factories using chemicals and other additives.

This is not the case with Kneipp bath salts which are currently the purest form of bath salts on the market.

Keep reading to find out more about the 250 million year old secret behind Kneipp bath salts.


The 250 Million Year Old Secret Behind Kneipp Bath Salts

The 250 Million Year Old Secret Behind Kneipp Bath Salts

Such an interesting story… since 1891 Kneipp bath salts have been created in  collaboration  Saline Luisenhall.


“from the depths of a 250 million year old hidden ocean”

Situated in Göttingen, Germany, Saline Luisenhall is one of the last places in Europe which uses a 1’000 year old method to generate their salt. The salt is generated from concentrated Sole  from the depths of a 250 million year old hidden ocean. Brought up into daylight and then pan boiled without any additional pollutants or chemicals to help the process.

The salt generated comes in various granularities for different purposes. The fine salts being perfect for cooking. A mixture of both fine and chunky crystals are used for the Kneipp bath salts.


How Saline Luisenhall was founded

It all started in 1852 when the son of a local famous carpenter discovered special salt loving plants nearby. The health benefits of bathing in salt had been known for some time and he decided to start digging to find the origins of the salt.

It took 2 years before the hidden ocean and salt was discovered. In 1984 the Saline Luisenhall was grounded and salt started being produced for commercial purposes using 1’000 year old methodology.

Today you can visit the salt plant on Friday: see here for more information.


The 250 Million Year Old Secret Behind Kneipp Bath Salts

Bathing tips
  • The best time to take a bath is in the evening before you go to sleep.
  • Allow 15 – 20 minutes  for the best effect.
  • The best water temperature is between 36° – 38°


The 250 Million Year Old Secret Behind Kneipp Bath Salts

The spiritual powers of salts

Did you know that for 1’00’s of years already salt has been deemed to have spiritual powers. It is said to be a great neutraliser. It can help cleanse, heal and balance energy while repelling against negative vibes.

Sometimes I like to simply soak in the bath and read this little book my Mum once gave me – “Believe in yourself”. It’s my own treat as a real Winter or beginning of year pick me up.


The 250 Million Year Old Secret Behind Kneipp Bath Salts

Healing powers of bath salts

Bath salts have been found to have brilliant healing powers for more sicknesses than you can imagine:

  • reducing depression
  • good for diabetics
  • for preventing and healing muscle cramps
  • numbness and tingling sensations
  • keeping blood vessels flexible
  • maintaining correct acid-alkaline levels
  • helping digestion
  • relieving a number of skin problems (as a child my Dad insisted we go for a swim in the ocean to help heal wounds after falling off bikes, roller skates, skateboards etc…)


The 250 Million Year Old Secret Behind Kneipp Bath Salts

Why I personally love Kneipp bath salts

The picture above probably says it all. So much of this has to do with the inner child in me. However what I really love about Kneipp bath salts – apart from the fact that they are the purest salts you can buy – are the lovely packages. The fact that very inexpensively you can buy a whole collection of single bath packages for every occasion. Each bath time you can then simply create your own spa mood at home within minutes.


Check out the online site for the full range of Kneipp bath products here.


The 250 Million Year Old Secret Behind Kneipp Bath Salts

…I will try to stick to adult flavours but these kiddies packages are simply too cute – smile!


I really recommend finding out more about Kneipp wellness tips and various events they have planned for 2020. Perhaps even subscribing to their monthly magazine.


Note: this is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.


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  1. a very interesting Story and also those Videos are very interesting I have to see if I can also get some Bathsalt here and make an effort to have a bath more often love the Idea

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