The 2 Biggest Bag Trends for Fall 2022

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Bag trends sometimes seem to evolve even faster than fashion itself. It feels like only yesterday we were all doing large oversized totes no matter where we went. Then came the mini bag, followed quickly by the bag attached to a bag trend. Largely due to the fact that one mini bag on it’s own was never going to be big enough for anything.

Fortunately in 2022 bag trends have come to their senses when it comes to size. The trick is to have a small bag that is still big enough to comfortably hold glasses, phone, wallet and any other essential small item you need (i.e. lipstick). One of the biggest trend movements for Fall 2022 is however, the colour pop! Gone are the days of surviving with your one black designer bag. Today’s wardrobe needs to have at least one bag with a colour pop in it. Let’s face it – it has got to be the easiest way of brightening spirits on a dull Fall or Winter’s day.

The 2nd biggest bag trend for Fall 2022 is about the move towards discovering new high quality designers. This trend has been reflected already during last Fashion Week season with many street style  Fashionistas leaving their trusty designer bag at home. Replacing it with a so called “nouveau designer” piece. My bag in today’s post is the Maja little tote bag from Studio Tondini – with a great story behind the bag.

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The 2 Biggest Bag Trends for Fall 2022

When it comes to discovering a nouveau handbag designer my heart currently goes to Roberta from Studio Tondini.

Studio Tondini is a relatively new brand – founded in 2020 by Italian born, Swiss based Roberta Tondini. I met her for coffee the other day and loved how her eyes simply lit up as she told the story of how she started her bag business.

Starting her career as a lawyer, Roberta never really found a bag that suited her needs. Never stylish enough to carry her business documents. She realised other women felt the same way. She started drawing her dream bag for fun whilst travelling to and from work. Her drawing collection grew and grew until one day she realised it was time to take action – not only draw her dream bag!

Roberta’s passion for bags doesn’t just stop there. Setting up her business she has placed utmost value on:


all materials used for the bags are of the best quality possible. So much so that even the metal pieces are made out of Paladium, the price of which is currently higher than gold.


ensuring Studio Tondini bags are produced leaving the smallest possible environmental impact. Supporting a slow fashion philosophy, also ensuring each bag will last for a long time.

Each bag is made in Italy by the best artisans working for global top luxury brands. I love the fact that Roberta personally visits her manufacturers, chatting with the bag makers in a way that she makes new friends with them.

She always makes sure the people making her bags have a nice working environment and are happy making her bags. I think I have been feeling their happy karma as I use my bag – smile.

Check out the Studio Tondini website and see more of her beautiful creations for yourself.

Luxury Handbags for Professional Women.

Note – the price points are currently super low so it pays to get in quick as soon the prices will be increased to reflect the true quality and mastership behind each bag.


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