Super Sunglasses Style Spring!

Based on my Fashion week visits in March one thing for sure is that Sunglasses are making a real statement this year!


Street style pictures taken at Paris Fashion Week in March.

As a rule in Milan I noted that Blondes were wearing black/darker frames and Brunettes were wearing lighter coloured frames – but then in Paris it seemed that this does not matter at all and anything goes.

A good friend of mine asked me the other day where she could find good sunglasses – this set me off to do some real research for all you lovely readers and I have come up with the following great collection sorted by looks: (click on images to shop, shipping available globally)

1. Top of the list has got to be the Cat look:

Kate Spade New York CHF 193.00
Illesteva CHF 240
D&G CHF 375.60








2. The Pilot Look

Ray Ban CHF 177.40
Burberry CHF 266.10
Kate Spade New York CHF 193








3. Mirrored

KYME CHF 339.10
Anna-Karin Karlsson CHF 485.20








Personally I believe that sunglasses are worth spending a little extra on as they are the one thing that will always pep up an outfit, which leads me to my last category:

4. Simply Adorable

Jimmy Choo CHF 485.20


Wishing you all lots of fun selecting sunglasses 🙂



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    1. Hi Zuzana,
      So glad you liked my post. Mirrored glass certainly has a cool effect 😉
      Have a look at Barton Perreira – they have some fab mirror glasses.
      Wishing you a lovely day too.
      Yvonne x

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