Suenia Zurich

Siena Zurich jewellery has been created by two Spanish sisters with a passion for fashion. One of them now lives in Switzerland and so Suenia Zurich was born.

I truly love the story of the sisters, both coming from the Finance world, with jobs in several countries and long office hours between Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and Singapore. Finally one day they had the courage to follow their dreams and passion, creating Suenia Zurich.

As lifelong travellers, their deep love for traditional handmade crafts have formed the inspiration of many of the brand’s pieces, which are today still handcrafted by women artisans worldwide, always under safe and fair conditions.

Today their products are sold in more than 20 countries in the world and their pieces are considered one of the most influential brands for the Loom technique, using delica crystal beads as their main material. For them the shine in their little crystals can make a great dream grow, just as it has done with them since they created their first bracelet – smile.

I love the delicate pieces which tell so many different stories depending how you combine them. For me it feels like I am wearing the ocean. But best is you check out the online store for yourself: Suenia Zurich

Some of my favourite pieces from the store: