Street Style Zurich – no 1

Meet Sandra, she is the manager of my favourite store for jeans or casual trousers and the place I go to whenever I feel the need for a new trendy look – MDL Marché De Luxe.



I love the way Sandra always manages to have a very stylish yet casual look all at the same time.  Note the bordeaux t-shirt and boots – a colour I have noticed to be top of the list for pre Spring 2015!


Sandra is one of my favourite people to get trend tips from!


Each time I walk out of MDL I come out with pieces which I have worn for a very long time.

Favourite brands: Mother and JBrand

They also have great shoes and leather – leather jackets to simply die for!

MDL is just across the road from Paradeplatz at St. Peter Str. 1, if you need a new look or are looking for something funky visit Sandra and say “Hi” from Funkyforty!

Yvonne x

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