Solving Winter’s most difficult Styling Dilemma


Hi Everyone,

This week has been a real shock to the system with it’s drop in temperatures. In reality we’ve been spoilt with a lovely warm Fall but now cold Winter is starting to take over!

So lets talk about styling for Winter…especially this Winter as big chunky sweaters are top on the hot list! Lets face it they look great and keep you warm when you’re out but what happens once you move indoors? Especially here in Switzerland everything is warm as toast inside and you can almost get away with tee shirts the whole year through as far as indoor dressing is concerned. So how do you style warm for outside but still look stylish inside? This is what I consider to be Winter’s most difficult styling dilemma!


Solving Winter’s most difficult Styling Dilemma

Of course it’s a no brainer to say that layering is key. But there are a few items worth transferring from your Summer closet:

  • Your favourite floral dress
  • The denim jacket that’s seen you through chilly moments


This makes it easy to take off any outer layer and still look stylish indoors without over heating.

This faux fur collar is another staple in my wardrobe since years now – it will lift any outfit but even better is super cosy and warm. Giving that extra warmth you can’t get from a denim jacket alone ( unless it comes with a fur collar that is).

Another trick this Winter is to colour block each outfit as much as possible. Hence matching bag, coat and over the knee boots. The same burgundy tones can also be found in the dress itself.

The faux fur matches the denim jacket so it doesn’t feel lonely – smile!

A carefully put together outfit like this will always leave it’s mark and more to the point make you feel good whilst wearing it!

7 Fun facts:
  • I am hopeless at pilates.
  • You will find me hiking up our house hill at least once a week – actually you will hear me as this is when I chat to my dear friend Michelle who took today’s photos.
  • You won’t find me doing high kicks in the middle of town if we meet to discuss a collaboration.
  • Despite lack of high kicks during meetings I’m definitely NOT shy.
  • I’m up for yoga anytime!
  • Sustainable styling is always at the forefront of my mind but I still love to mix cheap and cheerful with expensive!
  • I love adventure and mischief – At the age of 16, visiting my friends brothers school open day –  a prestigious boys private college – we  snuck into the headmasters office…shortly after the headmaster himself walked in. Hiding shakily under his desk we remained undiscovered – just one of a few adventures – smile!
Outfit details:

Coat Esprit – last year

Dress – Havren

Boots  and Bag – Best Secret  (more information about BestSecret here – only CH).

Denim Jacket H&M – vintage


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Wishing you all successful styling today!


ps: for another great post about wearing florals over 40 check out:

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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

    1. Hi Dear Eve, thanks for your message. Unfortunately this Best Secret only works for Switzerland. I will see if there is another in the UK but as far as I know there is only one in Germany and one in Switzerland currently. SO sorry I don’t have better news.

      Wish you a fabulous Friday anyway! xoxo

  1. Your pictures are always beautiful and I love this outfit !

    Loved your little fun facts about yourself !

    Have a wonderful day and weekend xx

    1. Thanks Sue, you’re the only one mentioning the fun facts – I felt a little nervous sharing them so thank you so much for the feedback!

      Have a wonderful weekend xxx

  2. I’ve just written about winter florals and here you are showing exactly how to wear a lighter background floral with ease…. I’m off to add your link to my new post… I hope that’s okay Yvonne!
    This is how it’s done ladies!

  3. I love that you brought this floral pattern into your winter wardrobe! It looks so nice paired with your denim jacket. Plus, those boots are so cute! Love this look.
    Thank you for linking up this week!

    ~xo Sheree

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