Simple Outfit Touches with Maximum Impact!

Hi There! You look great today – I can’t see you but I know you look great and I think you are great because you’re taking the time to read todays piece of fashion wisdom XO.

Todays post is for anyone who ever has those days where you do want to go out there and make an impact with your outfit but just don’t have the time or mindset/mood to be too creative…happens to us all right?


This is exactly what happened to me last weekend (confession)…and this is how I solved the problem…

First of all I reach for a trusty simple but good dress – this one is 2 years old now but Prada  all the same so made to last a few seasons (Vintage Prada available online here). Because of the stripe detail around the neckline and arms I wear a watch of mine with sort of matching striped band:

Version 3

The simple addition of this watch always gives this dress a whole new look…then I saw the red and decided to add my latest favourite bag…a “cheepy” from Accessorize


Love this little bag – ever so cheep and looks expensive…plus of course I like the added benefit of it being small and never weighing alot!


Then to finish the look I teamed pink Cerjo glasses up with sandals that have pink detail…all these simple little outfit touches end up having maximum impact when put together!


Here a few simple outfit ideas for You:

1. Love combining blue and red – plus round sunglasses are a top hot tip (if you’re not wearing them now you will be in 2  years – promise!). This is the perfect “moving into autumn” outfit.

Dress , Bag, Sneakers , Sunglasses


2. I like this outfit as this dress is one that will look good on any shape – the metallic touches giving a bit of an exclusive touch. The piece of jewllry can be either a necklace or bracelet (my preference).

Dress, Clutch, Shoes, Bracelet


3. Combining black with pink is a favourite of mine – looks especially fab with a bit of a tan! These sneakers are the latest hot tip and certain to remain an item for the next few seasons. The DVF bag is an absolute steel at just over CHF 200.

Dress, Bag, Shoes, Sunglasses


Convert this dress into evening wear with the following:

Bracelet, Bag, Shoes
Now the hardest part starts…restraint. I honestly LOVE every piece shown above!

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Wishing you all a fabulous day!signature

PS: Photo credits of me go to my Hubby – thanks so much XOXO

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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

  1. Well I am notlooking great right now! Haha, I am eating my breakfast and drinki g my coffee and I just came out of bed! Haha. You on the other hand look classy! I like simple outfits like this and the way you bring colors back in accesories is something I like and do!

    1. HeHe…right now in sloppy white t-shirt and pyjamma shorts sipping coffee and trying not to get cereal everywhere as I multi task…
      Bet my comment made you smile though – and a smile makes everyone look good in itself – so there you have it – You do look good!!!

      Have a wonderful day and thanks for your comment.
      XX Yvonne

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