The Secret to a Real Colour Statement!

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With this wonderful Summer weather out in full bloom it’s a time when we’re all grabbing wonderful touches of colour out of our wardrobes. However to really make a colour statement it does take a little thought.

Green is another topic for today. Despite it being the 2017 colour of the year it has been said that most people are afraid of wearing it. Putting it into the box of colours that don’t suit them. The truth however, is that there is a shade of green that will suit every complexion. It is simply a matter of experimenting.

Keep reading for the secret to a real colour statement.

The Secret to a Real Colour Statement!

The Secret to a Real Colour Statement!

My instagram picture today. The colours are bright and bold in themselves but it takes a little bit more to make a real colour statement.

The secret is in the matching. This can be as simple as you like but a real colour statement always needs a little repetition of the same colour within your outfit. Note how the matching shoes give a finished look.

The Secret to a Real Colour Statement!

Going one step further and having a bag that ties in the colours of your outfit is always a perfect finishing touch.


Here it is the shoes and bag that finish off this outfit but colour matching can be as simple as matching lipstick or nail polish. Another favourite is to wear statement coloured glasses to match your outfit.

I’m going to confess it took some encouragement to wear such a bright green top – basically my daughter almost forced me to get it – but I have received so many nice comments that I now realise it really was the perfect thing to get. So listen to your friends and dare to wear something a little different at times!


Can you believe the shoes had been sitting in my wardrobe for years. Now I finally have found the perfect partner for them – smile. Now it’s your turn to see what you can find in your wardrobe that needs matching – have fun!


Skirts, Top – Tara Jarmon

Skorts – Zara

Shoes – L.K.Bennett

Bag and Bracelet – Caroline Dechamby

Sunglasses – Andrea Moore


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Colour Statement Your Summer Today!


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  1. Hi from a kiwi living near Glasgow! I think the green on you is just gorgeous – really lovely. Sadly Glasgow is not quite so warm, sighhhh this little kiwi could do with some heat

    1. Hi Sweetie, in this case you need to come and visit Zurich – only today the sunshine has gone away too – such a shame!
      Have a lovely weekend.


  2. I love green when it is having a strong bluish vibe. I just realized that I have two green dresses. It’s funny I also have green pumps, two green bags. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style party!

  3. Super cute! Love the way you put these colors together! And that green looks fab on you! Found you from Not Dressed As Lamb link up. 🙂
    ~Melissa at Fresh Air and False Lashes

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