Saving the World with Sodastream

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Sometimes it is the little things in life that have a huge impact on our environment and the world in general. Last week I had the opportunity to visit one of Zurich’s waterworks, “Seewasserwerk Moos”. I learnt some super interesting facts about our local tap water and found out why it’s considered to most likely be the best tap water in the world. I also learnt about the difference that Sodastream, (an everyday home device that puts bubbles into tap water),  really is having on the world.

Keep on reading for some fun facts and an inside look at Zurich’s Seewasserwerk Moos.

Saving the world with Sodastream

Especially in warmer Summer weather we all need to consciously drink more water to stay fit and healthy.

5 Very Real Facts how Sodastream is having a positive impact on the world:

1. Reducing Oil Consumption

As an example if every Swiss person were to drink tap water instead of bought mineral water, 333’000 litres of oil could be saved per day due to reduced packaging and transportation needs.

2. Reduction in PET wastage

Plus you don’t have to carry heavy bottles home from the shops!

3. Improving general Health

It’s a proven fact that people with a Sodastream will on average drink 3 glasses of water more per day than people without.

4. Saving Money

According to research  more than CHF 250 million is spent on bottled mineral water in Switzerland. However over 80% of our tap water consists of the same mineral water.

5. 20 Fabulous Flavours

Making it even more desirable to drink tap water than ever.

5 Things you never knew about Zurich’s Tap Water:

1.  No Chlorine

Thanks to the quality of the untreated water and modern technology no added chlorine is necessary in Zurich’s tap water.

2. The Tap Water Cocktail

70% Zurich Lake Water, 15% Ground Water, 15% Spring Water

3. Travel Time

It takes 400 days for the water from the mountains to cross the lake of Zurich to reach the city.

4. The Importance of Trout

The water is tested by Trout. In accordance to animal fairness regulations.

5. Up to 100’000 times tested per annum

Zurich’s tap water is tested up to 100’000 times per annum!


Gallery from Zurich’s “Seewasserwerk Moos”

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This post was done in collaboration with Sodastream – thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn so much about Zurich’s tap water!

I will confess to having had a Sodastream for years now, my family can’t imagine life without one, even my Mum in New Zealand has one.

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  1. i think it is a very good and interesting story and it would be nice to hear that other countries would take it on and make it also their priorities and get nice clear and drinkable water.

  2. Important message ! Hopefully, one day there will be regulation on the plastic bottle craze…it’s a global issue that’s needs our much needed attention xx

  3. Have always been drinking Züri Water and we already had a Soda Stream machine when I was a child! Love both!

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