Product Review Lierac Lift Integral – Lifting Without Surgery

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Lierac Lift Integral is a new product line launched September 2018. Created in partnership with Dr. Poignonec, an aesthetic plastic surgeon with 25 years of expertise. This is the first product line with both a lift and injection (filling) effect. Enhancing positive expressions and restoring the dynamics of the face.

I’ve been testing  the range for three weeks now. In addition when visiting Coop Vitality last week I was independently advised that this was the best Lierac product line so far… My Mum claims (from seeing me via FaceTime) that the lines on my face have reduced.

So what is it that makes Lierac Lift Integral so special and is it something you too should be trying? Are my Mum’s findings right or is it simply a matter of declining light?

Keep reading to find out more about my product review Lierac Lift Integral – lifting without surgery.


Product Review Lierac Lift Integral – Lifting Without Surgery

Opening the pots I always love the unique smell Lierac products have. Pleasant but not too strong.

Active Ingredients

This product line concentrates on a combination of lifting  and moisturising (anti ageing) ingredients(for filling effect).  Lifting active ingredients are Mahogany extract and purple tulip extract. The moisturising ingredients are a Hyalu-3 concentrate which is enriched with candolle flower oil.

Hyaluronic Acid is a natural component of our skin responsible for its look of youthfulness. The amount of hyaluronic acid in our skin gradually decreases with age. At around 40 years it will have dropped to 50% and at 60 years, only 10% of it remain compared to young skin.

Hyalu-3  contains high-, mid- and low-molecular hyaluronic acid which moisturizes and stimulates your skin’s upper layers while regenerating and firming the deeper texture. The low-molecular acid can penetrate deeply into your skin to improve its firmness from within.

Candolle is an important traditional medicinal and aromatic plant of India. Originating from high altitudes of Indian Himalayan region.


How to apply

Lift Integral Mask – has to be the most fun product out as you literally apply it 15 minutes before you go out. Then wash off for a fabulous glow and youthful skin all night long – yippee!

Lift Integral Serum – Apply to clean face – I found it useful to concentrate on the lie areas and then spread around face with circular movements.

Lift Integral Eye Serum – can be applied to both the upper eye lids or under the eyes.

Lift Integral Cream – apply over the serum. Based on the amount used so far my estimate is that one pot should last you 6 months.


My Findings

I have super sensitive skin but have been super happy. It is my favourite Lierac product line so far.

The lines that were beginning to form on the side of my face have almost disappeared. The solid one above nose on forehead remains but I am guessing this will remain unless I did ever decide to get a filler put in (not on the agenda).

For the record the photo above was taken just as I started testing this product line.

I love the pretty purple pots too – they have a cheerful effect to them.

Where to buy:

You can buy Lierac Lift Integral in all Amavita and Sunstore pharmacies in Switzerland.

It is also available in COOP Vitality stores.

promocode: funkyforty (valid until 31.01.2019)

With this code you have 20% discount in the online-shop of COOP Vitality


Whilst you can’t turn back the clock it is important to look after your skin and slow down the ageing process as much as possible.


This is a paid collaboration with Lierac but all opinions are my own.

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  1. it certainly shows some very good results and with continuing time by using it constantly it will give you for sure the result you are wishing for

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