Pretty in Pyjamas a Game the Whole Family can Play!

As the days get shorter and the weather colder do you also finding yourself spending more time at home wrapped up in your pyjamas ?

Nothing like feeling fabulous in pretty pyjama’s on a cold miserable Sunday morning – smile! Bonus – if the whole family looks fab in pyjama’s it doesn’t matter if you get spontaneous visitors and you haven’t gotten dressed yet!

Here a few wonderful pyjama looks – Click on image to find out more.

PPCSJ_423_MAINPiped Silk Pyjama Set approx £139

SPCJS_95_MAINStar Print Flannel Pyjama set approx £39

HECRT_175_MAINHeart Print Pyjama Bottoms approx £39

Something for the Mr

MPCPJ_239_MAINMens Piped Pyjama Set approx £79

Something for Mini Her

ISSBA_15_MAINIsabella Floral Pyjama approx £29

Something for Mini Him

WOSNA_220_MAINWoodland &Night Sky Pyjamas 2 Pack  approx £29

No need to feel guilty about buying these as you can get a new piece for each member of the family! My teenage daughter has just come down and decided she’d like the Heart Print Pyjama Bottoms 😉

Wishing you all a wonderful start to the weekend!


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