Pre Christmas – Small things making a Big Difference!

The main message behind this post is to get you all thinking of dear family and friends living further away during the Christmas period and something super easy that can make a huge difference to someone else’s December.DSC_0853 - 2009-12-23 at 12-23-05

I love Christmas …. truth be told I love the time before Christmas almost more! Baking cookies, decorating home, buying presents, deciding what to cook, the desperate rush to see everybody beforehand. Does that sound like you?

Fun isn’t it…one of my most favourite things is collecting Advent calendar presents for my hubby and daughter. But Advent calendars don’t have to be just for family living in the same household… if you’re like me and live half the world away from your parents – why not make one for them – after all we all know deep down there is a little child inside all of us which loves opening presents 😉

I can’t tell you what’s inside this years calendar – would spoil the surprise – but last year every second day was a special Swiss chocolate and on the other 12 days there was a little present (see below for sample ideas).


Tips for little presents that make sense!

  • anything to do with Christmas (decorations etc)
  • pretty serviettes
  • mini makeup such as lip gloss
  • something related to a hobby (i.e. my Mum collects dolls so last year she received Barbie doll shoes and accessories – smile)
  • socks (this is when my hubby looks forward to getting his yearly supply of socks  with days of the week written on them)
  • pretty pens, pencils, rubbers ( a favourite with my daughter)
  • small gift voucher  (CHF 5 book vouchers another favourite of my daughter)
  • tiny purses picked up on overseas trips
  • trinkets found during the year in markets
  • small souvenirs picked up whilst on vacation during the year (i.e. bracelets, magnets etc9

Tips for where to buy:

  • Local supermarket – love the mini toiletry selection you can buy in COOP
  • Body Shop – little bath items
  • Tchibo 
  • Local markets
  • Claires
  • H&M


…what about you? Do you already make your own Advent calendar for family or friends? What sort of items to you put in and where do you find them? I would love to hear so please let me know – either via a comment or if you prefer more private feel free to email me





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