Playing Dress-Up at John Galliano – PFW Spring 2017

Watching the John Galliano show last nite brought me back to my early childhood when I used to sneak across the road to visit a lovely old lady who let me rummage through her wardrobe and play dress ups all day long to my hearts content… so what a surprise it was to read that this feeling is exactly what he was trying to achieve with this Spring collection.


Based on John Galliano’s Fall collection – whilst the show may have things you would not wear it’s important to look at the overriding trend as he is definitely a market leader in determining what we’ll be wearing in the season to come.

Here its the continuation of the stripe and cropped short blouses – we’ll probably be converting this into blouses tied in a knot in front – which albeit not new will surely be seen even more next Spring.


We’re seeing these wide trousers with buttons on upper left and right hand side in the shops for Fall – looks like thats a winner trend for sustainable buying which will last a few seasons.


Love this look with the serious jacket worn over pretty flimsy dress.


Here we see continuation of soft flimsy fabrics and the off the shoulder look.


The oversized coat –  coat lengths getting longer for those of you who like that look.


Bags with chains…watch this trend grow to new extremes…


Double breasted short jacket with sleeves pushed back – a trend to wear now already…


The tracksuit fabric pant is here to stay…


This see through lace dress theme is one that was already seen floating throughout Milan Fashion Week Street Style – in particular on Anna Della Russo (see Milan Street Style post).


The black dress as finale – typical for John Galiano  – see Fall/ Winter show.

Hope you enjoyed the highlights!

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    1. Ha Ha – I have been having a discussion for 2 days now with my Mum about this – you would love her as she has been telling me exactly the same…
      …but as I tell her…and she doesn’t believe it…you have to tone the looks down and then think of the overall trend.
      He was right in March when he came out with his Military jackets and I promise he will be right again for next Summer…

      Thanks so much for your comment Greetje it really made me laugh and I know my Mum will love you for it!

      xx Yvonne

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