Paparazzi & Bla Bla

Situated in Zug, Paparazzi Bla Bla is certainly worth a visit – even if you don’t live in Zug itself. A fabulous collection of special items you won’t find in many other stores at all. Perfect for that fabulous cocktail outfit or something fabulous for every day. I can guarantee that every piece you buy here will end up being a real statement addition to your wardrobe.

Michal is the owner of the store – unlike many other stores you will always find her onsite. One of the most amazing stylists I have ever met. She truly has fashion in her blood through and through. Make a point of checking out here exclusive bags and jewellery.

Some of my favourite outfits from the store:


Paparazzi & Bla Bla

  Kirchenstrasse 3, 6300 Zug

+41 41 710 72 32